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Orangetheory: Another Great Business In Hyde Park.

On Thursday, December 7, 2017, Orangetheory Fitness of Hyde Park held their Grand Opening VIP Party which included music, food and live workout demonstrations.

Orangetheory Fitness (5111 S. Harper Avenue) is new to the Hyde Park community. The owners are siblings Derek Hearne and Adryenne Hearne-Alvarez.

The Grand Opening VIP Party started at 5pm and ended around 8pm. Live music was provided by Dj Jamal Smallz of WGCI . He kept the party live and hyped.

There were free raffle prizes from Fleet Feet, State Farm Hyde Park, Kenwood School of Ballet, and others... Free food was provided by Eat Purely. A cool photo booth was provided by Bai Water. Bai water also provided free drink products. 

Delicious pizza from Jolly Pumpkin Pizzeria & Brewery located in Hyde Park (5215 South Harper Avenue). My wife and I enjoyed the pizza. We'll be paying them a visit very soon!  

As a former sports coach (Chicago Park District and YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago) and as a former Physical Education Ins…
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Rendel L. Solomon Is Turning Underserved Children Into Public Company Shareholders!

Rendel is a Principal with Muller & Monroe Asset Management (M2), a Chicago-based private equity firm that has advised on over $1 billion of assets since inception.

Prior to joining M², Rendel worked as an entrepreneur in the media and entertainment industry in New York. He began his professional career as a project engineer for The Procter & Gamble Company in Cincinnati, OH.  

Rendel obtained his BS in Electrical Engineering from Tulane University and his MBA from Columbia Business School.

Rendel L. Solomon is the oldest of three children raised on the Westside of Chicago in a rough neighborhood affectionately known as “K-Town.”  The neighborhood has been challenged for decades with crime, drug activity, limited educational options, and poor housing. 

Throughout his educational and professional career, he carried the attitude learned from his late Mother that education would be the key for him and his two sisters to rise above their surroundings. 

In June 2016, he founded the n…


Photo Credit: Jim Allen
On November 30, 2017, women from all walks of life (entrepreneurs, bloggers, medical doctors, educators, activists, etc.,) were honored at the 40 UNDER 40 YOUNG WOMEN PROFESSIONAL LEAGUE's annual award ceremony which honors women who've done great things in their communities as well as professional lives. 

The event was held at the Harold Washington Cultural Center located 4701 S. King Drive in Chicago, Illinois. The event started at 6 PM with a reception that included light bites and cocktails. During this hour people from all over Chicago mingled, laughed and enjoyed each others company. 

At around 7 PM the award ceremony got underway and opened with masters of ceremony: Rendel Solomon and Dr. Janelle "Doc McMuffins" Hadley.

After the opening of the award ceremony, Rashauna Scott spoke about the history and mission of the 40 UNDER 40 YOUNG WOMEN PROFESSIONAL LEAGUE.

Next was Dr. Kisha Roberts Tabb and Rachel Turner. They both spoke about the Le…

Letter To My SON

Son, below are some rules I want you to use in your life as you enter manhood. If you abide by these rules you will not only be successful, but also powerful. Remember son, power is nothing without courage. Courage is nothing without love. Love is nothing without discipline.

1) Son, get as much education as you can. And even after that always continue to read and research everything for yourself, for your own understanding.

2) Son, be a critical thinker. In this world people will teach you (what) to think, but not (how) to think. You must sharpen your mind to the point you think for yourself. You must learn how to think above what to think. 

3) Son, ain't nothing funny bout no broke nigga! Make as much money as you can. 24/7 let money be your mission. Be driven like a poor Black kid living in the ghetto trying to make it to the pros.

4) Son, fall in love in your 30's. Start a family in your 30's. Enjoy your life as a single man. Love is a heavy price son, it'll either mak…

Pastor John F. Hannah's 2017 Birthday Celebration!

John F. Hannah, senior pastor of New Life Covenant Southeast (a 20,000 member church) had a birthday party at the Galleria Marchetti located 825 W. Erie Street in Chicago, Illinois. Tickets went on sale November 22, 2017 and were SOLD OUT shortly there after.

People were all over social media begging for a ticket. It was indeed the hottest ticket in Chicago. The actual party was held on Friday, November 24, 2017 (7pm - 12 midnight). Folks from all over the city of Chicago attended, even non-members of New Life church. Tickets were only $10 dollars! Yes, only $10 dollars. That's 10 ones! Tickets were SOLD OUT in less than 10 minutes!

The party was an elegant all black attire celebration and featured some of Chicago's hottest DJs, vendors, and so much more. Social media was lit with pictures of Pastor John F. Hannah and party goers having an amazing time.

Thousands packed the Galleria Marchetti to celebrate one of Chicago's greatest pastors of modern times! 


Women Don't Want To Train With Their Boyfriends!

This post is inspired by a man and his girlfriend... So I was working out at Xsport Fitness (8th and State) in Chicago. I was circuit training and at this particular moment I was on the treadmill. A couple next to me were on separate treadmills as well.

Next thing I know the guy starts screaming at his girlfriend "GO HARDER!" I guess he was trying to be her trainer or something, but she didn't take well to his commands.

He then yells "Well this is how the trainers here are going to treat you!" His girlfriend told him "Stop yelling at me. I'm fine and I know how to pace myself!"

The whole situation was awkward as I looked as if I didn't hear them arguing. LOL! Of course I did. I wanted to say to the man "Bruh, you're not the picture of health yourself!"

Plus, women aren't into their boyfriends including fiancés and husbands trying to be their trainer. I mean, your man-meat was just down her throat last night, what makes you th…

WVON Unplugged: Stokley!

On November 16, 2017, WVON 1690AM held its "UNPLUGGED" series which featured lead singer of Mint Condition, Mr. Stokley.

The concert was held at the Hard Rock Café Chicago (63 Ontario Street). The concert was organized by Daveda Flute, she's the Vice President of Brand Marketing and Event Strategies for WVON 1690AM. 

The concert opened with songs by Simone Green. Her performance and song renditions were nothing short of amazing. She killed the stage, rocked the crowd, and had us wanting more. She's a Chicagoan so be sure to book her for your next event. Click link to follow her on Instagram:

The place was packed with some of Chicago's leading activists, pastors, community organizers, doctors, movers and shakers. During the event, Art "Chat Daddy" Sims hosted his live radio show "Real Talk, Real People" which is one of the hottest shows on WVON 1690AM (Monday - Thursday / 6p - 9p). 

Maze Jackson and Micae Brown se…