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Black Panther: Africans vs African Americans.

By now just about all Americans have seen the anticipated Marvel and Disney film Black Panther. The hype around the Black Panther movie was at an all time high. African Americans and even Africans were dressing up in tribal costomes and face paint heading to their local theaters.

I saw the movie on Sunday, so the next day after the grand opening. Prior to seeing the movie Black Panther, I was seeing all kinds of comments on social media: "Oh my God, the best movie ever!" "Wakanda forever!" "This movie is going to change the African American community in all kinds of positive ways!" Those are a few of the comments I read on social media.

Hell, I was siked and geeked after reading such amazing comments on social media! I thought to myself "Wow, this is fantastic. This movie is going to end violence in cities like Chicago. It's going to solve Black unemployment. It's going to solve recidivism. It's going to create jobs in poor African American…
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Chicago Hispanics Want To Help Build The Obama Presidential Library!

The Hispanic American Construction Industry Association which represents Hispanics in Chicago, recently held a press conference concerning the lack of Hispanic owned construction companies not having a piece of the financial pie as it relates to building the Obama Presidential Library. 

As of right now five companies have the lion's share of the Obama Presidential Library construction contract. Four of those companies are African American owned, and one is White owned. They make up a juggernaut called Lakeside Alliance as listed below:
Power & Sons Construction  African American owned.
Ujamaa Construction African American owned.
Brown & Momen, INC African American owned.
Safeway Construction African American owned.
Turner Construction  White American owned.
The four African American owned construction companies have 51% of the Obama Presidential Library construction contract. The White owned company i.e. Turner Construction has 49% of the Obama Presidential L…

Why Do People Contact Their EX?

I was recently asked by a fan of Chicago's Hottest Blog, why do people contact their ex-lover or love interest after breakup? 

I thought to myself, hmmm...that's an interesting question, one that deserves an answer to. Not just any answer, but a serious hardcore one. 

Let's face it, we've all spied on our ex social media page here or there. I mean, that's called being human and humans do self-inflicting shit to themselves. 

For me personally I've learned a long time ago that friendship after relationship is a terrible idea. What's terrible about it is it doesn't allow one to heal and move on with their lives. 

Dude, how can you move on with your life and you're constantly looking at the life of your ex on social media? You're better off blocking the person. 

This way you can't torture yourself by sneaking on their page to peek into their life...and your page is protected from him/her as well. 

When a person contacts an ex it means they miss someth…

HIRING: Obama Presidential Library Construction (UPDATE).

A couple of days ago I heard several men on WVON radio station talking about the construction of the Obama Presidential Library. These men stated they represented four African American construction companies and that they have 51% of the contract to build the Obama Presidential Library.

They promised African Americans would receive their share, especially those living in the area of the Obama Presidential Library.

The four African American companies are Power and Sons Construction, UJAMMA Construction, Brown and Momen, and Safeway Construction. All four of these African American owned construction companies including Turner Construction which is White owned, make up Lakeside Alliance.

After hearing the representatives from the African American companies speak on WVON's morning show and emphatically say they were going to hire African Americans, I sprung into action to make sure said African Americans knew of this opportunity.

*Let's be clear, I made the flier for the community an…

Chicago 300 Black Women Awards Ceremony (January 6, 2018)

On January 6, 2018, Chicago 300 Black Women held their awards ceremony. The awards ceremony was held at the beautiful Hilton located 9333 S. Cicero Avenue in Oak Lawn, Illinois. The ceremony started at 1 p.m. and ended around 5 o'clock. 

Chicago 300 Black Women is founded by Dr. Tammy Hicks. The celebration brings together African American women in the Chicago area with the focus being to celebrate women of color.

The ceremony opened with a powerful prayer by Elder Takaira Milton. Be sure to follow her on Instagram @kiki__sings. Elder Milton's prayer set the atmosphere and truly brought everyone to their feet in praise and thanksgiving.

In attendance were some of Chicago's most fascinating people including Benneth "Benny" Lee, Darvece Monson, Rapper iAmPhaTal, Kenyatta Scott and many others.

Dr. Tammy Hicks kept the ceremony lively and even funny at times. Her realness is something truly to be appreciated. It was simply amazing to see 300 …

Black, Female, Sophisticated, Educated...but Can't Get A Man!

Black women across America are wondering why they can't seem to find and/or fall in love with a good Black man. This dilemma continues to be a hot topic in Black America. 

Sophisticated, educated and highly successful Black women want to know what are they doing wrong relative to attracting good Black men. 

Don't get it twisted, Black women are dope. Yes, I fully believe in the power of Black girl magic. However, most successful Black women have extremely high standards, as they should. 

Black women are the most educated group in America. Black women have started the most businesses in America in the last 5 years. Black women rock! 

The main reason most sophisticated, educated and highly successful Black women can't find a good Black man is because their standards are sometimes unrealistically high. 

They'll be like "I want a man who makes six figures, drives a Bentley, has three homes, and must have a PhD".

Okay, some of the aforementioned is a bit exaggerated, bu…

How To Lose Weight On Your Own!

As a former Sports Program Manager (Johnny's Ice House and Hoops The Gym), former Physical Education Instructor (Boys and Girls Club of Metropolitan Chicago), former Sports Coach (Chicago Park District and YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago) I have great insights and experience relative to fitness. 
I've assisted in training professional athletes as well. Most professional athletes run 2 hours a day, cardio. Losing weight is easier than most people think. Below are some serious steps to losing weight. 
It's important you understand there's really no way to target belly fat, which is where most people want to lose weight the most. The way to lose belly fat is to lose weight and burn fat throughout your entire body. As you do this, fat will also burn around your stomach area. 

Muscle weighs more than fat, but muscles burn calories faster than fat. This means that you may stand on the scale and think you've gained weight, but you will notice your clothes fit better. 
The most i…