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Mikva Challenge (Mayoral Debate)

On Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's Day (January 17, 2011) members of Mikva Challenge - challenged four major candidates running for Mayor of Chicago. The Teens did an awesome job expressing themselves as they asked tough adult like questions. Please view the below link,8,80

Not to mention they were intelligent, savvy, and dressed for the occasion. I as many others were and are highly appreciative to the students for their understanding of politics and their involvement in Civic Engagement.

The only regretful moment was seeing and hearing the students talk about YOUTH/GANG VIOLENCE in their neighborhoods and schools! Safety and security was the main focus students were concerned about amongst the many question they raised.
My friends as someone who made a double out of George W. Collins High School it was hurtful to find out GANG VIOLENCE remains a huge issue in Chicago Public Schools. When I was in High School GANG VIOLENCE was a major issue, many of my peers dropped out of school because of GANG VIOLENCE.

Challenge to Mikva Students and Members
Because the students and members of Mikva Challenge are so bright I challenge them to be apart of aiding and assisting LAW ENFORCEMENT relative to preventing CRIMES and GANG VIOLENCE before it happens...... I know you all know who the trouble makers and gang leaders are in your schools. I know you all hear about fights before they happen. I know you all know who is bringing drugs to school. I know you all know when your fellow classmates that happen to be gang chiefs at your school are calling their homies and buddies to come up to the school and shoot and or beat someone up! I'm challenging you to STEP UP, OPEN YOUR MOUTH, and BREAK THE CODE OF SILENCE! Before we as Adults can help you - you must first become our ears and eyes in places we cant be. This is my challenge to you.... BREAK THE CODE OF SILENCE!
School Administrators and Parents must be willing to assist as well. I'm calling on every Chicago Public School to work closely with LAW ENFORCEMENT relative to finding out if students in their schools have violent records, this way School Administrators via Security can keep a watch on those that have a record of violence. Every Chicago Public School must have an email address HOTLINE for Students to anonymously report CRIMES and or GANG VIOLENCE in their schools!
The only way we can keep you SAFE is for you to
Best Wishes,
Jim Allen, Minister