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Mark Carter SURRENDERS!!! 

Mark Carter a man-child known for disrespecting Seniors and disseminating racist false political information has called it QUITS!!! I exposed him and his diabolical deeds which caused him in return to SURRENDER!!! 

The below link shows Mark Carter for who and what he truly is. This slick alley cat deceives people into thinking he's a freedom fighter when he actually uses them to show a false sense of a following while being paid pennies to bully and initimadate Seniors, Women, and Politicians. Click the link below and watch the video (Left side of Screen)

So basically Mark Carter tells the guys in the Streets "Hey lets fight the power and save our community..... The various Street Organizations call for their members to come out and support, not knowing they are being deceived by Mark Carter, because Mark Carter is paid by political wanna be's to ATTACK those they wish to replace...... Mark doesn't have a following so he in-turn deceives Street Gang Leaders into thinking they are fighting for the community when really he's using them as PAWNS to fill-up his piggy bank" 

Mark Carter has been going around disrespecting our Seniors, Women and Elected Officials with only "Mark Carter" style THUG TACTICS. Look at this YouTube footage where "Mark Carter" invades a meeting and acts a complete fool like always If anyone follows Mark Carter then yes the Black Community has reached an all time LOW...!

Here's more footage of Mark Carter bullying African American Politicians, click the lick below:
YouTube - Selling Out the Community Danny Davis, Rickey Hendon, Arne Duncan and Michael Scott Part 2
Out of RESPECT for Michael Scott, Sr this video should be DESTROYED, but of course why would an unreformed ex-convict with no GED think on those lines?

Mark Carter's (Resume)

1) Unreformed ex-convict mad at the World.

2) Was named in a scandal that stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from Cook County tax payers. Google Carla Oglesby and Mark Carter.

3) Is paid pennies to stand outside of various Elected Officials offices, meetings, and or events for the sole purpose of passing out stupid flyers about "The White Man" keeping him down.

4) Drives around with his band of thugs looking for construction sites so that they can physically beat the Site Manager into employing them.

5) Wants to become Alderman of the 24th Ward to legitimize his actions, deeds, and future motivations as a THUG!

Below is the RACIST flyer Mark Carter and his crack head buddies circulated that went viral and was also seen in the Chicago Sun-Times. This flyer is the main reason why Todd Stroger lost re-election. Good job Mark...!

View the link below...... Mark Carter questioned about threats to Congressman Danny K. Davis

At the last 24th Ward Aldermanic Forum (Collins High School) Mark Carter called it QUITS and then verbally attacked "Two Women"! This guy has a reputation of attacking Seniors and Women! I guess the little POODLE had to go out with a BANG!!!
View the Below link:

Below is the latest STUPID RACIST flyer Mark Carter has been paid pennies to circulate!

Mark Carter HATES Jews, Irish, and Whites in general..... He was also behind a RACIST SMEAR CAMPAIGN thwarts Mayor-Elect Rahm Emanuel.... Check the below link: 

Mark Carter is the HOTTEST thing on the Streets, he's under heavy surveillance so please watch what you say and or do around him.... You're probably better off discarding his number altogether!