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FAKE members of Tha Movement

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There's a group of RACIST political wannabes' running around claiming to be members of Tha Movement. This group of low lives are led by Mark Carter and Georgetta "Queen Sister" Deloney, please understand they are NOT a part of Tha Movement nor are they friends of Jim Allen!

Do not be deceived by them.... Mark Carter is a RACIST low life who has threatened Congressman Danny Davis, and a host of other abuses relative to the LAW..... Georgetta Deloney is nothing more then a PAWN in a scheme she knows nothing about; however, neither of the two belongs to my initiative known in Chicago and throughout the World as Tha Movement!

Below are the deeds and actions of Mark Carter and Queen Sister:
Mark Carter is known for distributing RACIST fliers, his dreams are to cause a RACE RIOT in Chicago. The flier below went viral and was seen in the Chicago Sun-Times, this flier was created and distributed by Mark Carter and caused President Stroger to look like a racist, even though President Stroger isn't.... Yet this flier was instrumental in President Todd Stroger LOSING re-election!

ZIONISTS PLAN OF 1990: is the latest flier Mark Carter distributed, it was his profile picture until I exposed him as a RACIST, he then removed it as his profile pic the same day! View the below LINKS of Mark Carter and his schemes:

Danny Davis Threat: Mark Carter, 24th Ward Alderman Candidate, Questioned By FBI

Anti-Rahm Text Blitz: "He Must B Stopped" | NBC Chicago

Mark Carter has also DISRESPECTED senior African American politicians, view the below LINKS:

YouTube - Selling Out the Community Danny Davis, Rickey Hendon, Arne Duncan and Michael Scott Part 2

Google Carla Oglesby and Mark Carter.

Beware of Mark Carter and Georgetta Deloney, they have NEVER received my authority to open and run chapters of Tha Movement!   

(Mark Carter) is known for driving around with his band of low lives looking for construction sites, they then enter the site and physically beat the construction site manager into hiring him and his thugs! He's also under HEAVY surveillance so watch what you say and or do around him.... (Queen Idiot) is nothing but a "Pipeline Toilet Conduit" for Mark Carter and his band of low lives to DUMP in! 

Please view the below LINK: