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How much does Youth/Gang Violence Prevention Programs Cost?

Try 40 - 60 Million Dollars. In 2010 the Chicago Public Schools introduced a youth/gang violence prevention program called "Culture of Calm - Safe Passage" this particular program was said to have received anywhere from 40 - 60 Million Dollars for at-risk youth programs. Its unknown the effects and or non-effects the program had. Click the Link: Culture of Calm a cruel irony at Chicago's Robeson High School - Substance News

Click the LINK below: See Organizations that received FUNDS:
Chicago Schools Pushing Big Bucks for Mentorship, Safe Passage, Culture of Calm | WBEZ

YOUTH/GANG VIOLENCE is a public health issue, and with MILLIONS given to various organizations and institutions there needs to be some type of oversight and follow-up relative to the success of programs that received funds..... Having a summer picnic serving hot dogs and kool-aid doesn't count!

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