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Hot off the Press: Queen Sister verbally ATTACKS Ald. Carrie Austin

"Queen Nut Case" verbally ATTACKS Alderman Carrie Austin after
the pissy Queen received ZERO percent of the vote!

Georgetta "Queen Sister" Deloney was a write-in candidate
that received ZERO percent of the vote.... She then became
disenchanted and hatched a plan to stand outside
of Alderman Carrie Austin's house and verbally ATTACK her.

Click the above photo :) 

The level of "Crack-headiness" in Chicago relative to "Political Intimidation
Workers" such as Georgetta Deloney, Paul McKinley, and Mark Carter is
comical yet diabolical.... The lies, venom, filth, poison in the saliva of Queen
Sister is TOXIC and DANGEROUS!

My prayers and support are with Alderman Carrie Austin and her staff..... Stay
strong Alderman we got your back!

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