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Why Chicago Lost the 2016 Olympic Bid?

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.......Sure there were various groups across Chicago spreading concerns and at times conspiracy theories relative to [If] Chicago won the Olympic bid; however, no group was more distasteful and disrespectful then Mark Carter, Georgetta "Queen Sister" Deloney, and Paul McKinley! Mark Carter stated "We'll wait for the IOC to get here and bring the real community out", he then stated "Michael Scott does not speak for us".

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Olympic committee agrees to more contracts for minorities and women in new ordinance - Chicagotalks | Chicagotalks

Sure enough when the International Olympic Committee came to Chicago, Mark Carter and his mindless band of low lives BLASTED them and Mayor Richard M. Daley with all sorts of lies, vulgarities, and false information... The IOC appeared afraid for their lives and Mayor Richard M. Daley was visibly shaken and upset.... Talk about an "International Embarrassment" to our Olympic Bid!

Of course "No Games Chicago" held protests, the "Chicago Police" planned a protest, and several "Community Groups" across Chicago held protests, but as I stated none of those protests had the embarrassing effects as Mark Carter, Paul McKinley and their band of low lives had relative to Chicago convincing the International Olympic Committee bid process!

FOOLS with bullhorns will always leave a lasting impression, thus "No Games Chicago" was hijacked by Mark Carter, Paul McKinley, Georgetta Deloney, and was used as a conduit to spread lies and falsehoods in various communities in an attempt to stop the IRISH MAYOR from receiving something he worked so hard for!

They then decided to paint Chicago as "Unsafe" to the International Olympic Committee and the World by releasing footage of the murder of Derrion Albert. They made his murder a political situation, they exploited Derrion Albert's family for their own selfish political gains!

So while President Barack Obama, 1st Lady Obama, Mayor Richard M. Daley, and Oprah Winfrey was in Copenhagen pushing for the Olympic Bid, low lives such as "Mark Carter", "Paul McKinley", and "Queen Saucer Hat" was in Chicago turning a tragedy into a National and International political story, which caused us to LOSE the 2016 Olympic Bid..... This is why people with no education and or political experience shouldn't be taken seriously, but as I said FOOLS with a bullhorn will always leave a lasting impression! 

These RACIST IDIOTS have proven they will do anything to cause chaos and havoc: You seen the idiotic flier they created and distributed Soldiers 4 Stroger.... They are the same nut-cases that were behind the whole "Citizen Objectors" crap! They are poisonous and toxic! 

I can only imagine the economical benefits communities like Austin, Lawndale, Garfield Park, and Washington Park would have received from 2016 Construction Contracts?

From being Major Players of Chicago losing the 2016 Olympic Bid to Rahm Emanuel taking the Stand, there's a direct line to who the Political Intimidation Workers are in Chicago!  

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