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Has President Barack Obama (LOST) the Black Vote...?

Has the 44th President (LOST) his swag with Black Voters?
...."Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City"....

There's a growing segment within the African American community that is disappointed and disenchanted with President Barack Obama relative to policies they deem has little to no affect and or effect on African Americans who lead in all statistics such as: Unemployment, Health Disparities, Home Foreclosures, and general Upward Mobility. 

The man who inspired many to HOPE for CHANGE is now being called "Uncle Tom", "Coward", "Sell Out", "Puppet" by African Americans on just about every public radio station..... I guess many African Americans felt the election of America's first African American President would be a social, economical, and political magical wand that would uplift African Americans?

The problem with their disappointment and disenchantment is Two Fold 

First Fold: are the Upper Class African Americans that are disappointed and disenchanted simply because they haven't been invited to the White House to dine and parlay with President Obama and 1st Lady Obama, while taking pictures and posting them on facebook.

Second Fold: is the Middle Class African Americans that feel disappointed and disenchanted because of the economy which is affecting and effecting ALL Americans; nevertheless, they see themselves inching closer to Lower Class/Poverty of which no one wants to be.

However, with all the disappointment and disenchantment African Americans feel thwarts President Obama, they yet have to find a way to channel their energy in a positive way relative to affecting and effecting CHANGE they can believe in! There's a lot of talk and criticism of President Obama within the African American community, but there's very little to no ORGANIZING to get their agenda seen and heard!

I'm not suggesting they shouldn't hold the President accountable; however, I Am suggesting they present some type of agenda, instead of thinking just because we have an African American President things were and or are going to automatically change without "Agendas" and "Proposals" being presented.

.......This is where I bite my tongue and commend the "Tea Party", because at least they were intelligent enough to organize and back candidates that had their interest and agenda at heart, regardless if their opponents were White, Brown, Yellow, or Black the "Tea Party" came after them and the full FORCE of their movement was felt NATIONALLY!

So what's the average African American to think when great men such as:
Tavis Smiley 
Dr. Cornel West
Dr. Michael Eric Dyson
Minister Louis Farrakhan 
are constantly CRITICIZING President Obama? 

In my humble perspective the only African American Leader that has put forward an agenda respected by President Obama is "Rev. Al Sharpton" and his group National Action Network, along with their affiliates NAACP and the National Urban League. Rev. Al Sharpton has been commended by President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama for his work on Education.

My friends, its going to be difficult for Organizing For America to convince African Americans to canvass, march, and or protest for President Obama. Let me be clear, there yet remains a faithful segment of African American supporters of President Obama; however, our numbers are shrinking, thus Organizing For America and Gen44 has to come up with a strategy relative to rebuilding its base amongst African Americas.

Has President Obama (LOST) the Black vote...? Well that's yet to be determined; however, something must be done to quell the disappointment and disenchantment most African Americans currently feel about the 1st African American President of the United States of America.

"We Voted to Change the Guard, now we Must Guard the Change

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Yours Truly,
Jim Allen
International Minister