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BUSTED: Rappers, NBA Players, Religious Leaders involved in Pedophilia!

Please post this on your site Mr. Allen:

In peace I send this to you. I know that you are a man of peace and influence. This is very important to me and I know you will appreciate why I'm sending this. 

I wanted to send you this message because tomorrow I'm about to do something to protect the youth in NY, NJ, Conn, NC, GA, Texas, Chicago and LA from child pornography, organized date rape for pornography and prostitution, and illegally placed video networks on campuses and homes around this country.

I saw you standing with Rahm Emmanuel and I know from youth programming that this kind of thing is something that is close to your heart. I feel a sense of kinship and I know that you are someone who is honorable.

I saw the determination you display to protect young girls and boys from the perverse activities that the street and its culture have promoted.

I've been in New York City all my life, my family has been attacked by gang-related culture since I was a kid and my father has personally fought as a community leader against the pimp and drug dealer mentality.

I want to share a story with you. In New York City a group of pedophiles through a few religious organizations have become deeply entrenched in NYC basketball.
One of them is a long standing elder in  the Jehovah's Witness Organization (not condemning the whole organization) and is still an Elder in a congregation in Upper Manhattan.

Another works at a boarding school in Princeton as a Dean and another is an ex-AAU Coach who has been affiliated with the Catholic Archdiocese of New York City for years and has spread his organized attack through child pornography, organized prostitution and hidden video cameras on college campuses. He has taught this hustle to a new generation of coaches and streetball players over the years.

Organization officials and the basketball community have turned a blind eye to it and the streets here in NYC has embraced the culture from rappers, NBA players and their posses, city officials, and many streetball players. The web is so comprehensive that electricians, cable repair men and masons (men who have security companies that set up cameras in homes and have electrical and video knowledge) hospital workers (nurses who understand how to drug people but keep them in a state where they r still lucid) civil servants and several rappers with money to invest are involved in corrupting the youth of their respective cities and have become part of the basketball culture through child pornography and date rape. 

I went to college with one of them who works hard in the Atlanta and New Jersey area and some have became members of my family through marriage. These men have sold photos of underage boys and girls to pornography magazines and have produced porn with underage individuals in hotels and homes around the country.

There is evidence of these things and its has been going on since the '70s.

They use date rape drug mixes, gaining access to homes and dorm rooms by stealing keys of players and family members when they practice and leave their possessions in lockers in school or gyms to gain access and then drugging them. They often hook maintenance men and others with key access to help their cause on drugs.

Their targets are men and women who have futures as high level earners within the basketball realm and women who fit the look and profile of pornographers and are willing to act as pedophiles for money.

Because of my basketball abilities, this group set up shop around my life to try to control my future, my children's and have threatened my business endeavors in various ways at times in my life when opportunity presented itself. I tell my kids all the time to be careful.
Jim, I once said to a good man that I would never forsake God or his principles to save himself. I have problems of my own and I know by doing this I could place myself in a negative light because of some of my debts and obligations, but I would be remiss if I didn't speak to protect children and families. I believe that there are some who are not afraid.

I have a civic responsibility to my community to do this and to those who in my heart I will aways love. Two years ago I witnessed a murder on a playground and everyone in the playground stood and watched a man kill another in front of his 5 year old daughter. I'm presently in contact with detectives on the case and I have no fear of telling what I saw. I have family who I have to be responsible for.

Do you see what I'm saying? Please understand why I reached out to you as family. I know you understand given your knowledge of the street. How could I be called a snitch when men and women can lose their children at any moment because of a selfish and jealous spirit that at any time could rise up and take their loved ones senselessly.

The code of the streets? To hide truth when kids lives are altered by senseless violence? What  is wrong with our kids our society? It's a Godless attitude that breeds violence and brings people to things that kill dreams. I'm tired of it.

The only code I follow is that of Christ who says to obey God and fear no man, just as God has written this, so I will live it.

Peace and love to you, your cause and to the streets of the United States.

From: Anonymous!