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Is your Child's Sports Coach a PEDOPHILE!?!

As a former Sports Coach (Chicago Park District, Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago) and current volunteer Recreation Therapist & Ambassador for Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago I'm deeply involved in the growth and development of Youth Athletes. 

As a defender of children and youth/young adults, I along with a few of my comrades are working with LAW ENFORCEMENT to dismantle and take down a group of Pedophiles operating under the guise of Youth Sports in Chicago, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Georgia, Texas, and Los Angeles. These Pedophiles are involved in Child Pornographer, Child Rape, and Child Prostitution, they use tasers and date rape drug mixes on children, they then rape them, film the rape, and sell the tapes around the Nation and globally. They are perverse to the bone! They also gain access into children's homes by stealing their keys during practice and making copies of them. 

To ALL parents of children that are involved in Sports: Please monitor your children! Ask questions relative to if their coach and or team members touched them in private areas! Ask your children about special gifts from coaches and or team members! Ask your children if coaches and or team members have made and or currently make comments about their body parts! Ask your children do coaches and or team members constantly look at their body parts! Most of all make sure your children are involved in sports activities where the coaches and staff members have underwent extensive BACKGROUND checks!

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Even after doing the above, you as a PARENT must remain watchful and careful of your children! Tha Movement University will keep you abreast and updated on our noble attempts to take down this DEMONIC OPERATION! Stay tuned!   

If you have been the victim of 
Child Rape, Child Molestation, Child Pornography 
please call: 

Chicago FBI 312.421.6700
Chicago Police 312.744.4000 
YWCA Chicago Rape Hotline: 888.293.2080 

I've been challenging operators of Youth Sports in Chicago since 2007. View the below LINK:

Also read the below LINK of a Fugitive Child Pornographer caught by Chicago FBI: