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Re-elect St. Rep. La Shawn K. Ford 2012

The choice is clear! Lets re-elect St. Rep. La Shawn K. Ford! This man has the heart of a champion and has dedicated himself to social, educational, medical, and economical progress for our neighborhoods and communities! Every now and then a man of extraordinary skills and talents comes on the scene... St. Rep. La Shawn K. Ford is that man! 

He's a Business Owner so he understand economics! He's an Elected Official so he understands representing and fighting for those of us who lack a voice to represent and fight for ourselves! He's a father so he understands safe haven neighborhoods and communities for our children! Most of all he's the BEST man for the job!

His works are vast and endless, his vision is clear, his love for the least of these is incomparable, his drive to bring JOBS to his constituents is second to none! The choice is clear.... Lets re-elect St. Rep. La Shawn K. Ford!

Please click the below LINKS:
Oak Park Office
816 S. Oak Park Avenue 
Oak Park, IL 60304

Chicago Office
5104 W. Chicago Avenue 
Chicago, IL 60657