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Tha Movement University salutes: Leviticus Bradley

"It's NEVER about where you've been... 
It's ALWAYS about where you are willing to work hard to get to. 
It's your precious life!" 
Wallace "GATOR" Bradley

Two Generations of 

Bradley attributes his increasing vision and success to God, Growth & Development, and all the good people who assist him. Leviticus Bradley who graduated VALEDICTORIAN from Whistler was selected to attend King College Preparatory. He also received the Maple Park Overall Exemplary Student Award; Outstanding Academic Achievement Award from 34th Ward Alderman/Chairman Carrie M. Austin; Lemuel Austin Foundation Academic Achievement Award; Excellence In Education - Valedictorian Award from Mrs. Cara L. Diggs, Principal; Winner of the CAPS 18th District Writing Contest; Creative Publication Poetry Winner and he also received the Young Authors Competition Award. His Family (Terri Marsh-Bradley, Mother; Waitari Marsh and Kahdmiel Bradley, Brothers; Afrika Bradley, Sister; and Mr. and Mrs Wilson, Grandparents) and his community are very proud of him!

Tha Movement University wishes Leviticus Bradley much success as he farther his educational, social, and recreational endeavors! We're pretty sure he'll be graduating High School and College with HONORS on his way to the NBA in the coming years! Much love to his father Wallace "GATOR" Bradley for steering his son in the right direction! I've had the blessed opportunity of eating breakfast with Daddy and Sons' Bradley, I must say his sons' are very respectful and intelligent young men! Bright present and brighter future ahead of them! 

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