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Sally Hazelgrove (Making) a difference in Chicago's Englewood Community!

Sally Hazelgrove started out volunteering 10 years ago at "The Evening Reporting Center". A Facility that served as an alternative to detention. Sally soon became a familiar face at the courts. Known as the pregnant lady that came to testify on behalf of the boys from Englewood.

She soon had a reputation in the HOOD as someone who was "Real". Sally paid money out of her own pocket to provide job training for her boys and even allowed a few of them to stay with her and her husband when they were on house arrest.

Her commitment made an impression and the boys started opening up. The stories they shared broke her heart and she became resolved to make a difference in Englewood. She became a resource provider for DCFS, where she worked with schools to develop behavior strategies for youth at risk who were abused, suspended or a threat to others.

She quickly figured out how to change behavior in the classroom but knew that the bigger and more deadly problem was the risky behavior students were involved with in the streets. Knowing that's where the difference was really needed Sally set out to "Find A Light" that is brighter then the streets! She found that BOXING was the one sport that boys most wanted access to.

She learned to BOX and then started a "Boxing Program". The program recruits youth from the streets, and pulls in the most defiant and troublesome boys from local elementary schools. Her goal was to get them back to the life she believed GOD had originally intended for them. She named the organization

"Restoring The Path"

"........Our mission is to restore the path of youth engaging in negative behavior due to gang affiliation 

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