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Has the Black Man (FAILED) the Black Woman?

Our pants hang off our asses! We make music that DEGRADES our women! We make music that promotes DRUG SELLING and MURDER! We grow up in America's ghetto's... become Sports Superstars and forget where we came from! We refuse to attend any type of religious service (Mosque, Temple, Shrine, Synagogue, Church)! 

How did the Black Man descend to such a low? 

In just about every major City in America (Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Detroit) the Black Man is leading in all stats negative! Can we continue to blame the Recession for our actions? Hell, we was pushing crack cocaine before the Recession! Can we continue to blame the "White Man"? Hell, our ancestors survived the Atlantic Ocean, Slavery, and Jim Crow... yet they didn't act the way we act (Generation X) and (Millennium Generation).

Of course I'm not saying all Black Men has and or have failed, nor are we a monolithic group of people; however, in a society where majority wins, the majority of Black Men is in a crisis educationally, spiritually, physically, socially, and economically! Thus the "Majority View" of the Black Man has become what "We" give the World through our music, actions, and communities.

We have become the laughing stock of the World, they gave us an Oscar just to show the World how ignorant we can be. Click the below YouTube footage:
Three 6 Mafia - Oscar Performance - Hard Out Here For A Pimp‬‏ - YouTube

The sad part is our women follow us because they don't know any better! The essence of a woman is to follow strength. We've taught our women that PIMPING, DRUGS, and GANG BANGING MUSIC are traits of strength when in reality those are traits of ignorant men who use violence to prey on the weak!

I'm still at a lost for words when I heard one gang chief state "Prison is a rights of passage for our members!" My soul couldn't help but cry even though I wouldn't let the tears run down my face! The situation of Black Men is dire, and no one can help us but us!

Even the so called "Talented Tenth" doesn't know how to address this generation of Black Men. Reverend Jesse L. Jackson Sr and Minister Louis Farrakhan are at a lost! The NAACP and the National Urban League are confused relative to what to do! And then there's Reverend Al Sharpton (National Action Network) and their efforts of constructing how to tackle this sensitive yet embarrassing situation and condition of Black Men in Urban/Inner Cities selling drugs, committing murder while being encouraged to do so by the likes of Ricky Rozay, P. Diddy, Waka Flocka Flames, etc.!

We have more Black MILLIONAIRES in America then our ancestors could of dreamed of! Millionaire sports athletes, talk show host, actors, actresses, politicians, pastors, and business leaders, yet we've FAILED to create, develop, and implement strategies that address Youth/Gang Violence in Inner/Urban neighborhoods and communities.

Where do we go from here? How do we convince Black sports superstars and musicians that their actions, deeds, and words has an indirect and direct effect on at-risk youth living in poverty!?! How do we convince Black Men to watch their words for they become their actions, watch their actions for they become their habits, watch their habits for they become their lifestyles?

The more we (Black Men) drop out of high school, sell drugs, gang bang, go to jail we FAIL Black Women! The more we make babies and refuse to take care of them we FAIL Black Women! The more we refuse to educate ourselves (Library's and Museums) we FAIL ourselves which in turn we FAIL Black Women! The more we promote songs and messages laced with misogyny we FAIL Black Women!

Jim Allen