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Response To: Salim Muwakkil: Black Chicago Divided (No Vaseline!)

Noted writer and scholar Salim Muwakkil published an article titled Black Chicago Divided (Class and generational conflicts intestify, as African Americans cope with the Great Recession). I was really looking forward to reading Mr. Muwakkil's article. I was under the impression he would give us a documented history of why and how Blacks in Chicago are divided. Click the below LINK to read Salim Muwakkil's article:
Black Chicago Divided -- In These Times

Instead Mr. Muwakkil gives us Black Chicago Divided from the intelligence of a squirrel trying to get a nut of a guy named Martavius (Mark) Carter. My questions to Mr. Muwakkil are what makes you think quoting a guy like Mark Carter gives validity to your article? Why would any intellectual who understands Chicago politics respect your article when you utilize Mark Carter as a source of credibility?

Mark "The Poodle" Carter and Georgetta "Pissy Hat" Deloney
(Click the above photo) 

Mr. Muwakkil maybe your eyes and ears have been closed relative to the deeds, actions, and motivations of Martavius (Mark) Carter and his schemes and tricks. Mark Carter is a thug that has DISRESPECTED Senior African American Leadership! Mark Carter has threatened the life of Con. Danny Davis! Mark Carter is paid by political wannabes to incite the Black community into protesting political opponents! Mark Carter was paid by Scott Lee Cohen to HARASS Gov. Pat Quinn! Mark Carter and his band of low lives passed out RACIST fliers that went viral causing Todd Stroger to look like a racist, thus losing re-election! Mark Carter and his band of thugs drives around looking for construction sites... enter the site and BEAT the construction crew into hiring him and his band of felon thugs! Click the below LINK to see Mark Carter's Resume:
 Tha Movement: FAKE members of Tha Movement

The problems with Mark Carter, Paul McKinley, Queen "Donut Hat" Deloney, Marc Sims, Charles Butler, Harold Davis, is simple... they lack true leadership; therefore, they become carnivores and eat Black leadership that has been fighting for Black causes with a purpose and intellectual ability they could never understand.

The above flier was created, developed, and circulated by Mark Carter and his crack-head 
Soldiers 4 Stroger buddies! Click the flier to read the content! 

And then there's Pat Hill, a person who served as a CHICAGO POLICE OFFICER for over 20 years, retired from the CHICAGO POLICE DEPARTMENT just to become a contemptuous voice thwarts the CHICAGO POLICE DEPARTMENT, of which I view to be a bit hypocritical on her behalf!

Real and true leader doesn't wait for "older leadership" to anoint and or appoint them to leadership, real leaders stay in their own lanes and lead regardless of who decides to aide and assist them! Real and true leaders go out and get it done! Real and true leaders don't have to harass, intimidate, or bust in on meetings of African Americans leaders old enough to be their grandfathers just to embarrass them and put their silly, immature, boyish schemes on YouTube for a few laughs!

Grow a set of BALLS and stop thinking people have to do everything for you! Its not our fault you decided to sell drugs and go to jail! Its not our fault as an ex-felon it's hard for you to get a job! However, ATTACKING someone like Con. Danny Davis, a man who actually passed legislation "Second Chance Bill" for ex-felons signed by President George Bush is idiotic to say the least!

No matter if there is a BLACK ELITE in Chicago, of which I'm pretty sure there is... we still have to manage, deal, and cope with low life thugs selling poison in our communities as children are murdered due to gang violence! I'm tired of the old excuses of the "White Man holding us down!" Or the tired ass excuses of "We don't have boats to bring the drugs to America, we don't make the guns".

Yeah, that maybe true, but it doesn't give you the right to sell poison in your community! It doesn't give you the right to train youngsters into becoming killers! The shocker is most of the big time drug and gang lords don't even live in the communities they reek havoc on, they live in the burbs where its nice and quite... so the question now becomes who's screwing who with no Vaseline?  

.....Salim Muwakkil before you decide to quote anyone else... please look deeply into their background!

Jim Allen