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Tha Movement University (played) a key role in STOPPING the Oak Park Robber!

Oak Park Robber (above photo)

There was a piece of SCUM preying on the residents of Oak Park, Illinois. This guy was targeting and robbing women and seniors, even hit an 80 year old woman in her eye and broke her eye socket. Tha Movement University stepped to the plate and used our various resources relative to spreading the word of such hideous crimes.

We did several interviews and also passed out thousands of fliers in the area the Oak Park Robber was operating... we shared our information via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and this very Blog you're reading. Needless to say after we put up a $5,000.00 reward for the capture of the Oak Park Robber, he suddenly quit his night job of robbing! We're pretty sure the Oak Park Robber and or his buddies saw our fliers and decided to lay low!

We're still asking for the public's help relative to bringing this scum to justice! He must pay for all the pain and suffering he has caused! So if you have any information regrading this punk please call the numbers below.

Oak Park Police 

Be sure to click the LINK below and hear our interview relative to the Oak Park Robber.