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Bud Billiken Parade 2011 (HARASSED) by Chicago Police Officers

The Bud Billiken Parade "the oldest and largest African American parade in the United States" was held over the Weekend. The Grand Marshal was Mayor Rahm Emanuel (Chicago). Everything was normal until Chicago Police officers began verbally harassing the South Shore Drill Team and even arrested their Director.

According to sources.... Alderman Leslie Hairston (Ward 5) and Alderman Roderick Sawyer (Ward 6) asked Chicago Police officers why were they handcuffing the South Shore Drill Team's Director? They (Alderman Hairston and Alderman Sawyer) were told to shut up and were verbally abused with vulgarities. Alderman Leslie Hairston asked one of the officers for her badge number, but she Chicago Police officer covered up her badge!

Alderman Leslie Hairston

Alderman Roderick Sawyer 

Sources have also said the Police officers in question were not from the district. Many question if this move was purposely done to cause violence of which we've seen in London and Philadelphia? It was stated Chicago Police officers arrested and handcuffed the South Shore Drill Team's Director because her BAND was playing their music to loud! Huh, shouldn't music be loud at a PARADE? Idiotic!

Tha Movement University will keep you posted relative to updated information concerning this issue!