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Dr. King and the 120 Million Dollar Dream?

If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was alive today he'd be around 80 years old. Dr. King was privileged to live in the times of men such as W.E.B Dubois, Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad, and Marcus Garvey. Dr. King was an Alpha man (Alpha Phi Alpha), he was also known to be a Freemason (Prince Hall), and some reports says he was a member of the Boule (Sigma Pi Phi) as well.

Enters Morehouse College at Age 15 (1944)
Receives BA in Sociology from Morehouse College at Age 19 (1948)
Receives Degree from Crozer Theological Seminary (1951)
Enrolls in Boston University Ph.D Program (1951)
Received Ph.D in Systematic Theology from Boston University (1955)

With all the education and initiations Dr. King garnered he was a humble and meek man at heart. The Black/African American elite was upset with Dr. King because they felt he was paying too much attention to poor people and their issues. Dr. King responded by organizing the "Poor People's Campaign", the same year he was assassinated, please click LINK: 
Dr. King was so in tune with the grassroots community and the poor to the degree he organized and marched with the Vice Lords in Chicago, even when his Black/African American frat brothers told him not too, please click LINK: Dr. King marched and fought with the Vice Lords thwarts slum lords in Chicago, as well as Chicago poverty! 

Fast forward to 2011 and we see a MEMORIAL built on the National Mall in Washington DC, the MEMORIAL is said to have cost $120,000,000. Would Dr. King supported the building of a MEMORIAL in his honor at the cost of so much blood and treasure? In my personal view I'd have too say NO! Dr. King was a Noble Peace Prize Laureate, when notified of his selection he announced he would turn over the prize money of $54,123 to the furtherance of the Civil Rights Movement.

Dr. King would of thanked the Organizers for the idea of a MEMORIAL; however, he would of asked them too use the money for social and economical advancements in POOR URBAN/INNER City neighborhoods and communities.

Dr. King would of asked the Organizers to purchase franchises (McDonald's, Subway, GNC, NAPA Auto Parts, etc). Dr. King would of said "I don't need a MEMORIAL on the National Mall in Washington DC., I need strip Malls built in the Inner/Urban slums of America!"