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Former Chicago Mayors: Washington and Daley (Guilty of Torture?)

former Mayor Richard M. Daley 

Just when former Mayor Richard M. Daley thought his life under the political spotlight was over, he receives shocking information about a civil rights law suit filed by Michael Tillman which alleges as Cook County State's Attorney Richard M. Daley covered up torture abuses of 100's of African American men. The Federal complaint states former Cook County States Attorney Richard M. Daley in his capacity as prosecutor intentionally covered up evidence in cases to sustain convictions of men who were beat and tortured under the command of former Chicago Police commander Jon Burge.

Its important to note several African American men has been released from prison and rewarded lump sums of money relative to being found innocent of charges placed on them by former Chicago Police commander Jon Burge. Its also important to note former Chicago Police commander Jon Burge has been convicted.

The question I pose is simple, was Richard M. Daley a man of his times? Lets clairvoyance back in history and we'll see that Richard J. Daley was deeply connected to the Hamberg Athletic Association, which was instrumental in starting a "Race Riot" in Chicago. Please click the below LINKS:

Richard J. Daley (left)
Richard M. Daley (Right)

Lets be honesty, we're all men of our times. When living in the projects as a teenager without a father figure and or guidance I sold drugs and was a gang member (Vice Lord). I shot at rivals and rivals shot at me.... I was arrested for drug possession, but didn't go to jail. I was arrested for assaulting a police officer, they arrested me for throwing missiles at the police, yet again I didn't go to jail. However, when I turned 17 I quit the streets, and by 18 I was preaching the Gospel, by 19 I was licensed as a Minister by Bishop A.C. Richards (Bethlehem Healing Temple Church) and the (Living Witnesses of the Apostolic Faith, INC).

The point I'm trying to make is I was a young man of my times, but times and seasons change and so did I. Lets not be naive, Chicago was a town highly injected with racist venom during the early 1900's up until the early 1970's. I guess with Jim Crow and Segregation as the backdrop of American culture some felt African Americans were inferior and open to injustice and violent treatment.... in Chicago various Racial groups fought over territories and neighborhoods, leaving a sour taste that lasted for years to come.

Chicago has an abusive history, but so does the United States of America. Was Richard M. Daley influenced by his peers and those in his Racial group? Doubt it not, and so were those in other Racial groups. Men of their caliber lived in the "Dark Ages" of Chicago and American history. 

It has been stated former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge tortured and forced 100's of African American men into false confessions from 1972 to 1993. My questions are if former Cook County State's Attorney Richard M. Daley is guilty of covering up cases of torture then what is the Harold Washington administration guilty of? Harold Washington was Mayor of Chicago from 1983-87, did he and or those in his administration know African American men were being tortured by former Chicago Police commander Jon Burge? Is the Washington Administration guilty of possibly turning a blind eye to torture?

former Chicago Mayor Harold Washington 

Lets keep it real, I'm pretty sure former Mayor Harold Washington and his Administration was told of the actions and deeds of former Chicago Police commander Jon Burge. Why didn't the Washington Administration act? Was the Washington Administration a group of "Black Elites" who didn't care one way or the other about the issues and concerns of African American men in poverty? Or did former Mayor Harold Washington view former Chicago Police commander Jon Burge as someone who was zealous about his job, and didn't feel the need to correct him?

In 2010 Dan Hynes released video footage of then Mayor Harold Washington talking about the incompetence of then Chicago Revenue Director Pat Quinn, who now serves as Illinois Governor. View the below LINK:
New Dan Hynes ad featuring Harold Washington generates controversy |

If former Mayor Harold Washington spoke out thwarts Chicago Revenue Director Pat Quinn, why didn't he speak out thwarts Jon Burge (Chicago Police commander) and Richard M. Daley (Cook County State's Attorney) relative to torture allegations and cover ups?

Has Richard M. Daley changed relative to the times he was reared in? I'd have to say YES! Judging as history being my measuring stick and scale of balance I'd say former Mayor Richard M. Daley is a changed man, and probably changed years ago. As Mayor, Richard M. Daley appointed African Americans too key positions (Chicago Police Department, Chicago Public Schools, and Chicago Fire Department). As Mayor, Richard M. Daley opened up Chicago for all her Citizens to enjoy this great City. He also made various attractions open to all City residents. 

I'm not saying people shouldn't be tried under the law; however, I'm saying people change and go on to do great things in life. Saul changed from someone who TORTURED Christians, into Paul one of the greatest Christian Apostle's! At this present time I think its unfair and unwise to attempt to link Richard M. Daley to Jon Burge, especially with the Daley family managing, dealing, and coping with Chicago's former 1st lady medical conditions!  

former Mayor Richard M. Daley and former 1st Lady Maggie Daley