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Intensify Conference: To TACKLE Gang/Demonic Violence in Chicago!

Bishop TD Jakes is coming to Chicago (November 3 & 4, 2011) 7pm
the Bishop will be at the House Of Hope
752 E. 114th Street (Chicago, Illinois)

We pray GOD will impart HEALING, DELIVERANCE, SALVATION, and HOPE in those looking for solutions to the demonic madness that has gripped Chicago. The violence/madness in Chicago is more then physical, but its spiritual as well.

What possesses a person to MURDER a Pregnant 17 year old Girl? What possesses a person to shot into a crowd of young Teens playing Basketball? What possesses a person to blindly shot into a house striking a 6 year old baby? My friends, the answer is demonic powers are whats possessing the above behavior!

I sincerely thank Pastor Corey Brooks for sponsoring this End-time conference! I'm asking the over 50,000 readers of my blog to help me spread the word! Just as we supported Pastor Joel Osteen's "America's Night of Hope" so must we prepare to support the INTENSIFY CONFERENCE!

"Can't wait to see you there!"

Please click the below LINK:
Intensify Now