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Is Pastor Zachery Tims in Heaven /or/ Hell?

Pastor Zachery Tims

Around the Nation church members, lay ministers, pastors, and theological divinity schools are trying to make sense out of the sudden and tragic death of Pastor Zachery Tims. Why - why would GOD allow Pastor Tims to be delivered from a life of drugs, become a successful pastor, just to make a 360 degree turn and end up where he started i.e. drug abuse?

One of the problems is our theological reasoning and biblical instruction. We're taught GOD knows all, and has predestined all things. The problem with believing such a doctrine leads one to think GOD foreknew Pastor Tims would die of a drug overdose, if so why even save him from his past life if his fate was already predestined? 

Is it fair for GOD to predestine "some" for Heaven and "some" for Hell? Did GOD know Lucifer would fall and become Satan, thus GOD created Hell for Satan and his demons, or did GOD create Hell before the fall of Lucifer? GOD told the prophet Jeremiah I knew you before you was born.... does that mean GOD knows everything concerning our lives before we're born, or was the prophet Jeremiah a special case?

..."My friends,
the above questions have perplexed some of the greatest
theologians in the World for centuries."

Every now and again GOD sends us a prophet, king, or leader and so does Satan. In the coming days Satan will send us an Anti-Christ, of whom will be endowed by the evil one to start wars, famine, desperation, panic, fear, and mistrust. (1 John 2:18).

Some years ago I received a revelation that changed my life. I was on a deep path of understanding the essence and motivations of GOD. What I discovered was simple, but yet complexed. I discovered GOD is a GOD that cannot lie (Titus 1:2), GOD is a GOD in whom the thought of sin is nonexistent! 

In Genesis we find GOD asking Adam who told you - you were naked? If GOD foreknew and or predestined all things why would he ask Adam questions of his nakedness, and why would he punish Adam and Eve for something he already knew /or/ predestined they would do before he made them? Isn't that a bit schizophrenic?

Are our lives a setup of choices that have been predestined for us to fulfill? What if you was chosen to be "The Son of Perdition" (John 17:12)? Or was "The Son of Perdition" sent and chosen by Satan? Either way, his fate was Hell, was that fair to him as an innocent human being caught between two powers fighting for the souls of wo/men?

GOD isn't all knowing in the ways we've been taught. GOD doesn't know EVERY aspect, intention, motivation, and or thought on a second by second basis of what HE created and or of what was created. GOD didn't know Lucifer would betray him, fall and become Satan! When Lucifer betrayed GOD by way of an attempted military coup d'etat (Revelation 12:7) Michael and his angels defeated Lucifer, thus he was banished out of Heaven onto the Earth until GOD created a place called Hell for him and those who followed him. Notwithstanding Lucifer and his demons roam from Hell to Earth, and Outer Space.

Lucifer became a god (2Cor. 4:4). He became a father (John 8:44). He became the creator of sin! Lucifer knew GOD purposely created all things without fully knowing EVERY aspect, intention, motivation, and or thought of what HE created, thus when Lucifer "the architect" setup his blueprint to takeover heaven - it was a shock to GOD the Grand Architect of Heaven, Earth, and the entire Universe! 

At the time Lucifer was warring in Heaven with Michael - GOD was on Earth in the form of a Man (Exodus 15:3) looking at his creation and physically touching what HE created. As GOD was on the Earth in a physical form, the THRONE of Heaven was open, because GOD was on Earth. Lucifer saw it as the perfect opportunity too send his 'demonic angels' to block GOD from leaving Earth, as he attempts to takeover Heaven....

Watch The Throne
Matthew 11:12  

Because GOD can appear in human form at any moment, Lucifer was aware of that little secret. Lucifer seen that every now and then GOD leaves the "Throne of Heaven", transforms into a Man and walks among his creation. GOD is a GOD that is just and fair! GOD didn't predestine our lives, but has rather truly gave us the gift of FREE-WILL and CHOICE! GOD was deeply saddened by man's continuous thirst to sin and regretted that he made man (Genesis 6:6) why would GOD regret that he made man if he knew before the foundations of the World man's thoughts, deeds, actions and proclivity to sin? The answer is GOD didn't know! 

GOD did not know angels would have sex with women and create giants! GOD did not plan and or know various religions and races would rape, enslave, and murder one another! GOD did not predestine, preordain, and or allow the terrorist attack of September 11th in New York City! GOD did not know you would be raped as a child! GOD did not know your child would die in a blazing fire! GOD did not know 17 year old pregnant Charinez Jefferson would be shot dead on the streets of Chicago! God did not know and or plan none of the above situations, nor did GOD allow, plan, and or know that Pastor Zachery Tims would return to drugs and overdose! For the plans and thoughts towards us are described in these two scriptures (Psalms 40:5) (Jeremiah 29:11)! 

That's NOT to say every now and again GOD doesn't influence "Times and Seasons" however, GOD did not create all things fully knowing what would happen on a second by second basis! GOD is an exciting GOD! Every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year is new to GOD! And although King Solomon Judah once stated "There's nothing new under the Sun" King Solomon Judah was speaking on the Sun as in Amen-RA, of which his Black Wife Queen Sheba introduced him to (1 Kings 11:1-13). Once again, if GOD knew King Solomon Judah would fall, why give him wisdom to aide in his fall (1 Kings 3:1-28)? The answer is GOD didn't plan, predestine, preordain, and or allow King Solomon Judah to fall, on the contrary, King Solomon Judah fail due to his misuse of his great wisdom relative to his inquisitive mind of eccentric and esoteric secrets of the Universe and the powers and influences of various spirits (good or evil) not attainable for the human mind too conceive, and if conceived the receiver will never be the same. His mental, ideological, philosophical, and spiritual paradigm will shift causing him to see life with no moral absolutes.... whats right today becomes wrong tomorrow, and whats wrong tomorrow becomes right today. However, GOD is the LORD, and HE changes not (Malachi 3:6)!  

Its time church members, lay ministers, pastors, and theologians do an in-depth study on the power and essence of Lucifer/Satan/Sin (2Cor. 11:14). You need to understand the god of this World (2Cor. 4:4) is the reason of all evil and senseless violence! Sectarian Violence, Gang Violence, Tribal Violence, Domestic Violence are all influenced by Satan and his demons rather socially, mentally, religiously, and politically (John 10:10)! Only a person filled with evil would shoot and kill a pregnant 17 year old baby!

Jesus gave Peter the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 16:18-19), but Jesus didn't give Peter a special set of keys only reserved for the Messiah. Jesus said he is Alpha and Omega (Revelation 1:8) the beginning and the end; however, Jesus didn't say he was Mu /or/ in the middle, because the "Devil is in the details", the Devil is in the middle! Nevertheless, the DEATH, BURIAL, and RESURRECTION of Jesus caused him to receive the keys of Death and Hell in the sense that only Jesus can put a person in Hell according to his judgments of the totality of our deeds, actions, motivations, and life (Revelation 1:18). 

GOD looks at the totality of our lives. Did Pastor Zachery Tims public affair with a stripper, and divorce from his wife caused him to return to drugs? Even though he was pastoring a church of 8,000 members his personal life was in shambles, just as many pastor's lives are unknown to their congregations. There are pastors who are deprived sexually from their spouses. There are pastors that are presently suffering from verbal and physical domestic violence. There are pastors involved in homosexual affairs as they struggle with the thirst and desire to perform and or receive anal/oral sex from another man. Should pastors continue in such fashion? No! However, only GOD knows their struggles, and only GOD can and will judge us all! 

As I look at the totality of Pastor Zachery Tims life its hard for me too say he's in Hell simply because he overdosed on drugs. Sure, I'm all for the "Say No To Drugs" campaign of the 80's, however, I also understand the depths of the human mind and soul of which sometimes leads us into dark places of weakness, sickness, wickedness, abuse, and addictions (Psalms 139:8) (Galatians 6:1) (Jude 1:23). 

Life is too complexed to base a man's last words, deeds, and or actions on his final resting place! I'm not condoning sin or evil doing, nor am I saying life is a flowery bed of roses! Do I believe in predestination? No! Predestination means GOD knew Hitler and the Nazis' would murder millions of people. Predestination means GOD knew Africans would be sold into slavery in the Americas and around the World. Predestination means GOD allows evil and sin. Nothing can be further from the truth! GOD is not the author of CONFUSION (1Cor. 14:33) (Hebrews 12:2)! Satan is the author of confusion!

Don't be surprised to see Pastor Zachery Tims in Heaven rejoicing with GOD, because although he was sifted like wheat from among us please know that he isn't lost from the Master's Grip! Pastor Zachery Tims is in the hands of GOD.

...."Rather we die by a stray bullet, old age, someone pull the plug (Life Support)
or suicide, just know that only GOD can judge us and have mercy on us!"

If GOD predestined, preordained, foreknew, and or allowed ALL things that would make GOD an "Accessory to SIN! Example: If you knew someone was about to be murdered and you didn't prevent it by informing the person /or/ informing law enforcement, you are GUILTY of the person being murdered! You are an "Accessory to the Murder!" GOD is not an "Accessory to SIN!" GOD is not an accessory to the misfortunes, losses, lows and downs of our lives! 

GOD is "ALL KNOWING" in the sense of what HE created relative to how HE created it; however, GOD didn't create SIN! Satan (2Cor. 4:4) the god of this World and Father of Lies (John 8:44) created SIN! Which means SIN is a concept that was and is new to GOD! When Lucifer/Satan created SIN it changed the order of the planet and universe. I'm pretty sure this goes thwarts your belief of what you've been taught, but if you believe GOD predestined, preordained, foreknew and allow EVIL to happen is a sick and wicked belief system to have! You fail to understand GOD is grieved and in deep pain because we BLAME him for everything as if we don't know GOD has an adversary working against him and us (Revelation 12:10). 

What I have just revealed to you has never been revealed to the greatest theologians of the World! What I have revealed to you was inspired by 3 Witnesses in Heaven (1 John 5:7-8). King James Version scriptures. 

Jim Allen, Minister