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What is New Black Leadership? Who are the Players?

Sylvia Snowden interviews Lenny McAllister. The interview is centered around "New Black Leadership" rising up and leading in various capacities (social, educational, economical, political, and theological). What do you think, where does "New Black Leadership" go from here in 2011?

Will Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., RETIRE and allow Johnathan Jackson to take the reins of the Rainbow Push Coalition? Will Minister Louis Farrakhan RETIRE and allow Ishmael Muhammad to lead the Nation Of Islam?

Does guys like Professor Michael Eric Dyson, Professor Cornel West and Tavis Smiley represent "New Black Leadership" on the National level? Does President Barack Obama and 1st Lady Michelle Obama represent "New Black Leadership?" Does Jay Z, Common, and or Kanye West represent "New Black Leadership?" What is "New Black Leadership?" and is it a break from the "Talented Tenth" mentality of excluding the uninitiated? Talk to me.... whats our Blueprint?

Who will lead this Generation of right NOW? Who has the master's grip to raise this Generation from a thug mentality to one of consciousness and serious thought? Will the Old Guard in Chicago and around the World provide the younger Generation with direction? Will the Links mentor those outside of their circles of influence? Will the Black Elite stop driving past impoverished communities and really commit to community service as stated in the fancy brochures of their Fraternities and Sororities? Will Gang Leaders step up and STOP THE VIOLENCE, SAVE THE CHILDREN? Will African American rappers limit the amount of disrespect and misogyny thwarts African American women as a curse to the World? 

Many thanks to Lenny and Sylvia for this timely interview. I think you both represent what 
"New Black Leadership" looks like! Much LOVE to you both.

Sylvia Snowden (Alpha Kappa Alpha)

Lenny McAllister (Alpha Phi Alpha)