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ANGRY BLACK MEN shooting Innocent Black Women in the Head!

Charinez Jefferson

What in the HELL is going on that has crept onto Earth!?! In Chicago we're still reeling from the brutal murder of Charinez Jefferson 17 year old 6 months pregnant teen shot multiple times in the body and once in the head by a monster with no moral and or spiritual decorum. Please view below LINK:
No bail for suspect Timothy Jones in pregnant teen's murder; 17-year-old Charinez Jefferson shot and killed in Marquette Park, baby boy saved; pregnant teen shooting |

Tayshana Murphy 

...Now we read of Tayshana Murphy "Top College Prospect" being gunned down, shot in the head by a monster in New York, Harlem! C'mon Black people! This is shameful, evil, diabolical, and embarrassing! At some point Government is going to have to allow Black folks to police their own communities! Black men of substance are going to have to stand up, verbally and physically TAKE BACK neighborhoods and communities from PREDATORS! Harlem is in tears right now! Jay Z, you're the underground King of New York... put up a couple grand for the arrest and conviction of Tayshana Murphy's killer!!! Click the below LINK:
Top girls hoops prospect shot dead in NYC housing project - Prep Rally - High School Blog - Yahoo! Sports

I've tried reaching out to Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr (Rainbow Push Coalition) and Minister Louis Farrakhan (Nation Of Islam) relative to setting up a series of meetings w/ gang leaders in Chicago in attempts of creating, developing, and implementing a "Blueprint/Plan of Action". Minister Louis Farrakhan responded to me via Twitter, stating he's always willing to meet with brothers of the Street Organizations/Nations.... I didn't receive a response as of yet from Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr.

Nevertheless, will meeting with Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr., Minister Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Al Sharpton, Tavis Smiley, Cornell West, Michael Eric Dyson have any effect or affect? Tavis Smiley and Cornell West has been to Chicago on their "Poverty Tour" several times in 2011 and has yet to address youth/gang violence in poor Black and Brown communities.

Will the United States Government allow Larry Hoover (Gangster Disciples / Growth and Development), Jeff Fort (Black P Stones / EL RUKNS), or Minister Willie "Rico" Johnson (Almighty Vice Lord Nation) the opportunity to send their members a message via YouTube about STOPPING THE VIOLENCE?

In Chicago former Superintendent Jody Weis met with so called Gang Leaders in attempts to enact RICO upon them if the violence didn't stop. Rahm Emanuel has also thought of meeting with gang leaders as well to threaten them with RICO, view the below LINKS:
Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis Meets with Chicago Gang Leaders
Emanuel endorses Supt. Weis’ gang meeting - Chicago Sun-Times

However, gang violence hasn't stopped! According to Tio Hardiman (Director of Ceasefire) there are no gang chiefs, thus members of gangs are aimlessly killing people with no directives or leadership... c'mon Tio, you and I both know that's a load of bullsh*t! Ceasefire is probably the biggest legal organizational fraud that aides and harbors "Urban Terrorists!" Click the below LINK and hear Tio Hardiman as he tries to spin the public's perception of murderous Chicago gang activity!
 Secret Police-Gang Meeting Won't Work, Activist Says

If gangs don't have leaders then why is Ceasefire paid millions of dollars to hire ex and current gang leaders whose job description is to "Interrupt Violence?" Ceasefire is a great marketing tool relative to passing out fliers and marching after the fact someone is dead and buried, but besides that, Ceasefire doesn't have any real solutions to violence in Chicago!

So Where do we go from here? Do we continue to scream "Stop The Violence, Save The Children? Do we continue to march and protest? Or do we form "Secret Vigilante Groups" who's only purpose is to investigate who are the gang leaders and followers, and then shoot them in the got damn head!?!

When will YOU take a stand, when its your baby on the ground shivering and shaking with a bullet in the head looking into outer space breathing the last breath of life as the Fire Department comes and wash their blood, brains, puss, and cerebellum down the sewers?