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former Mayor Richard M. Daley: Bullet to the Head!

President John F. Kennedy 

If you've been following me and Tha Movement University you should know by now I only endorse winners. I along with Tha Movement University endorsed and supported Rahm Emanuel way before his trial of residency began, simply because we understand law and government on a professional level, but its key you understand politics on a professional level is a "Contact Sport" i.e. former Chicago Public Schools President Michael Scott R.I.P.

I have given my support to Mayor Emanuel's administration; however, this latest move to cut former Mayor Richard M. Daley's security detail from 6 to 3 officers is a step in the wrong direction! Do I think former Mayor Richard M. Daley needs 6 Chicago Police Officers 24/7? Yes, without question he does! Lets look at why he'd need 6 or more Chicago Police Officers:

(A) In case 1 gets sick, and 1 needs a vacation.

(B) As time go on it'll be rough for 2 officers to work 12 hour days.

(C) 1 officer guarding the former Mayor per 8 hours is a recipe for disaster, mainly because one officer can be overtaken in a bomb-rush gun battle style type tactic I've seen gangs pull on people they're trying to kill. They strike hard, fast, with force and numbers!

The question remains is there a credible threat to kill and or harm former Mayor Richard M. Daley? I'd say yes! There are (forces) in Chicago that wants to see a bullet in the head of the former Mayor of Chicago, and the minute they see a weak spot - rest assure they're going to exploit it!

....Now the question becomes who would wanna kill and or harm former Mayor Richard M. Daley? Well, that's like asking me who would wanna kill President Abraham Lincoln, President John F. Kennedy, and or the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan? Remember, professional politics is a "Contact Sport", thus when politicians leave office they have enemies waiting to take aim!

I don't think gang leaders would outright target the former Mayor; however, just know that the Mafia in Chicago is alive and well with tentacles like an octopus. Besides the Mafia - it could be a lone wolf pissed off at the former Mayor over a contract he didn't get, puts up 20k on the former Mayor's head via street gangs and has him murdered. To the innocent and inexperienced this may sound far fetched, but to those of us that have experienced the underworld of Gang Leaders, Crooked Cops, Kingpins, and under the table paid Politicians we know all things are possible with money and a gun. Let us not forget the murder of Chervon Alexander (murder for hire $200 bucks) which means taking a life for pennies means nothing to a "Hired Hit Man!"

So I say to Mayor Rahm Emanuel... "Don't get caught on the wrong side of history, give the former Mayor of over 20 years of service the protection he desires, for only he truly knows the things he's done in the light and in the dark, of which we all are guilty of!"

Please click the below LINK:
Daley to lose half his bodyguards - Chicago Sun-Times

Jim Allen, Chairman 
St. Rep. La Shawn K. Ford 
Violence Prevention Task Force