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K.G. Wilson (tackles) Youth/Gang Violence in Chicago

The T-shirt in this video was designed by your's truly "Jim Allen" GOD gave me the concept to unite the SIGNS and make them into a LOGO of PEACE! STOP THE VIOLENCE! ONE LOVE because LOVE is the point both Stars have in common, and LOVE covers a multitude of sins and faults. I showed the LOGO to Wallace "Gator" Bradley of whom was able to get a message from Jeff Fort and Larry Hoover, which we put on the back of the T-shirt.

The T-shirt was featured in Mary Mitchell's column in the Chicago Sun-Times. If you desire a T-shirt or Jacket call DLV Printing 773.626.1661 ask for Keisha tell her "You want the Stop The Violence T-shirt made by Jim Allen" she'll know exactly what you mean. Much love to Gator and K.G. Wilson for this timely video.

Lastly..... The LOGO isn't copyrighted because I didn't and don't feel the need to copyright SIGNS that were here before I was born! All I did was put them together and designed a LOGO that has been shared around the Nation! I FREELY charge any and everyone to make copies of this noble LOGO, sell it on T-shirts, Jackets, Coffee Mugs, Bumper Stickers, etc. I have a Jacket and T-shirt myself.

"Peace in the Streets, by any means NECESSARY!"

Contact K.G. Wilson on facebook click the below LINK:
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