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Chicago Cops (working for) the Latin Kings and Street Gangs

Its no secret Chicago Police officers (not all) have and continues to work for street gangs, hell most of the good ole CPD is filled w/ former and current members of various street gangs. I'm sure those who live on the North Side and Down Town areas are sicken by this news, but those of us who once lived in the hood or currently lives in the hood knew this years ago.

You do the math! If you're a cop with lets say 10 open air drug markets in your beat the temptation is great relative to dirty cops organizing each open air drug market and asking for $1,000 a week in order to keep the heat off them. When tallied up that's an easy $10,000 a week cash without having to pay Uncle Sam. Who do you know would turn down possibly making 40k a month?

The problem is such behavior hurts the community, because when residents call of shots fired, or young men standing in front of their homes selling crack cocaine who knows if their information is being shared with gang members and drug lords by the very people who swore an oath to serve and protect? This means that while residents are in CAPS meetings complaining about issues and situations that seem to NEVER get addressed maybe its because police officers in CAPS meetings aren't trying to lock up gang members and drug lords because in the end that would affect their i.e. police officers cash flow?

So in essence Chicago Police Officers who receive 'blood money' from vicious gangsters and drug lords are no better then the people they swore to fight against. Its no wonder communities and neighborhoods such as Austin, Little Village, Pilsen, Humboldt Park, Garfield Park, Lawndale, Roseland, Englewood, Grand Crossing, Auburn Gresham, etc., attracts GANGS, GUNS, DRUGS, PROSTITUTES, and DIRTY COPS!

This is the prime reason why the CPD will probably never have a Superintendent from its own ranks, because we never know if s/he supported STREET GANGS and or DRUG DEALING!?! So where do we go from here, how will the Chicago Police Department overhaul its tarnished image?

They tell us STOP THE SILENCE, STOP THE VIOLENCE... but when will dirty cops stop supporting those who create the VIOLENCE? This is deeper then a Newspaper article, there must be a full CONGRESSIONAL hearing on corruption in the Chicago Police Department!

Crooked Officers:
Jon Burge (1972 - 1991)

Edward Lee "Pacman" Jackson (1990's)

Alex Guerrero and Antonio Martinez (2011)

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