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EXCLUSIVE: CTU President Karen Lewis responds to Tha Movement University

  • Karen GJ Lewis 
    Thank you Brother, for your criticism and your support. 
    You should also include the full 35 minute video and not the two minute, 
    edited distorted one done by that anti-public education, right-wing group. 
    I understand my remarks were offensive and I have apologized. 
    As a person with a lisp, what I thought I was explaining is how children in CPS 
    also get what is known as wrap around services--which includes speech pathologist. 
    Children from private and elite schools do not receive those services.

    When people look at the entire video 

    they can see the full context of my remarks. 
    The EAG clip would have you to believe that 
    I was pacing back and forth doing a stand-up comedy routine.

    You also mentioned that I made my comments before the wrong people. 

    I disagree. I was invited by a group of social justice teachers from 
    Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, and other parts of the Northeast for a regional conference.
    I was the paid keynote speaker and was asked to speak candidly 
    and informally about what we are facing in Chicago and how teachers must join the fight.

    While I regret some of my remarks were wrong--

    I should have refrained from personal attacks--
    I stand by what I said about those who are trying to shut down 
    our schools and who support the school -
    to-prison pipeline they have set up for them.

    Thank you again for your support.
    Northwest Teaching for Social Justice's 4th
    annual conference welcomed Chicago Teachers Union 
    president Karen Lewis as it's keynote speaker.
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  • Jim Allen Most people from other Cities and States 
    fail to realize Chicago is a totally different beast then their
     little hick towns and isolated communities. 
    President Obama once said "Chicago is where I became a Man". 
    This is a tough City. Tough politics. Tough gangs. 
    Tough daily issues to combat.
     I'm a product of CPS so I greatly admire your strength and fortitude 
    to speak up for the CTU and CPS in general.
     I ♥ what you do!
    2 minutes ago · 
  • Karen GJ Lewis Yes. And a lot of people have a fantasy about what 
    really goes on on 'the community and the needs in our schools. 
    Each one is different and there is no one answer to fix them all. 
    That is why people can sit down town in air-conditioned offices and shut 
    down schools and sent kids from one neighborhood to another 
    without regard to their safety.
     Keep on fighting Jim Allen. 
    We must never give in to the madness.
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  • Jim Allen I fully agree! 
    You are an educated Black Woman that could have took your 
    education and went into the private sector as a consultant and made a killing....
     I'm also sorry for judging the footage without having all the facts,
     but even without all the facts at the time I still SUPPORTED your
     fiery stance for at-risk youth and children in situations unthinkable. 
    With people like you telling me to keep on fighting 
    I will fight for as long as I can. Many thanks for educating me on the
     fullness of your comments. Much love and respect too you!
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Tha Movement University fully SUPPORTS 
Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis!