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How long will the MEDIA and a few self righteous parents in Lake Forest, Illinois continue to KILL the issue of Deerpath Middle School former Principal John Steinert? His picture and story has been seen for the last two weeks. He'll never be able to work in the field of education, and I'm pretty sure his family and close friends are gravely embarrassed by his lack of good judgement.

But whats the big deal of a man sending a beautiful woman pictures of his genitals in comparison to our former President of the United States of America receiving oral sex from a woman that wasn't his wife in the Oval office and then lied under oath? I'm not suggesting neither to be good and or picking the lesser of two perceived evils; however, this current media blitz of disgraced former Principal Steinert is enough to drive a man that has lost it all 'to' losing his life i.e. suicide.

Maybe that's what the parents of Deerpath Middle school wants... is to see John Steinert kill himself for being a red blooded man who allowed his lust to overpower good conscious thinking. Who's to say the 22 year old Lake Forest Police Department intern wasn't sending unclear messages and body language that led up to Mr. Steinert responding in an unwise bold fashion!?! Men of Mr. Steinert's caliber doesn't arbitrarily send pictures of their teabags just for the hell of it!

If Mr. Steinert was sending nude pictures to under aged girls then yes I'd feel the pain and agony of the parents of Deerpath Middle School, but sending nude pictures to a grown woman doesn't merit the modern day witch hunt and overkill dispensed by the parents of Deerpath Middle School and or the Media!

Is this a lesson in ethics or a dissertation in ethics? 
Is this a media jog or a media marathon? 

For now the image and character of the well educated, well respected man known to family and friends as John Steinert is DEAD! Killed by the angry words of people who's past is GOD knows how awful! Killed by people who's dark sexual fantasies are worst then imaginable! Killed by a community where only 2 people are registered as sex offenders while many are unregistered! Killed by hypocrites seeking their 5 seconds of fame and Media attention for self preservation special interest purposes!

Eulogy By: 
Jim Allen