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National CALL to ALL Gangster Disciples, Latin Kings, Vice Lords, Black P Stones, etc.!

There's a GREAT and AWESOME move of GOD in Chicago for people just like me! People that have been ridiculed, rejected, and gang affiliated. I've found that place to be New Life Covenant Church where John F. Hannah serves as Pastor. I've seen thugs come to New Life Covenant Church and change their lives around by the power of GOD!  

Nationwide there are an estimated: 30,000 Vice Lords / 30,000 Latin Kings / 30,000 Black P Stones / 30,000 Gangster Disciples.... I'm humbly asking all REFORMED and CURRENT Gangster Disciples, Latin Kings, Black P Stones, or maybe you're a former Vice Lord like me... I'm humbly asking you too donate $10.00 on a monthly basis to:  

New Life Covenant Church "Temple Project"
710 East 47th Street # 100W
Chicago, IL 60653 
If possible, make a copy of this post and send w/ your donation

To the Vice Lords (JESUS) is Lord of Lords (Rev. 19:16)!
To the Gangster Disciples (JESUS) had 12 Disciples (Matt. 10:1)!
To the Latin Kings (JESUS) is King of Kings (Rev. 19:16)!
To the Black P Stones (JESUS) is Chief Corner Stone (1 Peter 2:6)! 

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