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NBA Lockout means chance for PEACE initiatives in Chicago

As a former Sports Coach (Chicago Park District, Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago) I'm a bit disappointed by the 2011-2012 NBA season. Business owners are disappointed as well. Us regular civilians look up to our half human/half amazing NBA stars not only for their innate athleticism but because sports mirror real life. Being called the Michael Jordan of your work environment means you have the skills, talent, fortitude, and determination to succeed against all odds.

It's also disappointing to see athletes who hail from humble beginnings, now demanding lumps sums of money they'd never receive as a regular Joe Blow college grad. On November 14, 2011 the average guy missed his first paycheck of $220,000 - Kobe Bryant missed $1.05 million in his bi-monthly paycheck. I understand these guys are no longer immune to the slums most of them hail from; however, what about the fans? What about us poor, low life, middle class fans who balance our budgets in order to purchase season tickets in the nose bleeds just to experience the magic of watching NBA superstars inspire us with dazzling dunks and last second 3's to win games?

I guess sense superstars like Derrick Rose and Dwayne Wade aren't currently working they'd be open to meeting with Jim Allen, Wallace "Gator" Bradley, and Mark Allen to discuss peace initiatives in Chicago? During the season its extremely complicated trying to reach superstars like Derrick Rose and or Dwayne Wade and their public relations people are too busy not relating them to the public! Sure one could just camp outside of Attack Athletics (2641 W. Harrison Street / Chicago, IL) where NBA superstars play in various summer leagues, but that would be a hassle and disrespect to their privacy, they're on vacation so why bother?

I think the NBA Lockout is an excellent chance for superstars to support various endeavors in the neighborhoods they hail from and also in neighborhoods that are blighted! In Chi-town we love D. Wade and Derrick is viewed as our "Rose that grew from concrete". Neighborhoods like Roseland, Humboldt Park, Pilsen, Austin, Lawndale, Little Village, Grand Crossing, Garfield Park, Englewood, Auburn-Gresham would love to benefit from "Peace Initiatives to prevent Youth/Gang Violence" backed by Derrick Rose and Dwayne Wade. We're not asking for a handout or even for their money on a personal level, just moral support for those who hail from poverty and pain.

Now is the time to create, develop, and implement "Strategies of Peace" in Chicago. Now is the time for our superstars to ball off the court as they ball on the court.


Jim Allen