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Patricia Van Pelt Watkins v/s Annazette R. Collins: Rumble In the Jungle

There's a HEAVYWEIGHT fight brewing on Chicago's West Side and throughout the 5th District of Illinois. After the sudden departure of Illinois State Senator Rickey "Hollywood" Hendon his vacated seat was filled by Annazette R. Collins a woman who has Illinois House experience.

Its important to note Annazette R. Collins has a household name, but so does Patricia Van Pelt Watkins relative to her historic run for Mayor of Chicago which caused the great former United States Senator of Illinois Carol Mosely Braun to stumble to the ropes, gasping for air, waiting for the bell to ring.

Can Patricia Van Pelt Watkins pull off a stunning upset? Annazette R. Collins is a powerhouse in West Side politics. Whenever you think of the most powerfullest Black Women in politics on Chicago's West Side you think of: Karen Yarbrough, Earlean Collins, Camille Lilly, Deborah Graham, Emma Mitts, Barbara McGowan, Kimberly Lightford, and of course Annazette R. Collins.

Guess we gotta see who has the best campaign strategy? Whoever has the best campaign strategy is only half the battle - the other half is the debate. How will Annazette R. Collins fair thwarts Patricia Van Pelt Watkins a woman who just recently debated some of the greatest minds in Illinois politics and a former United States Presidential Chief of Staff?

Will the West Side NAACP host debates? What about the rest of the 5th District which includes West Town, North Lawndale, East and West Garfield Park, Humboldt Park, Wicker Park, Bucktown, South Loop, and pieces of Little Village, will various organizations and community groups gear up debates for these two HEAVYWEIGHTS to battle it out in a civil, fiery, respective manner? Guess we'll have to see.....

Written By: Jim Allen