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Senior Citizens being SHOT in MAYWOOD, ILLINOIS

Whats going on in Maywood, Illinois? The West Suburb used to be a decent place to raise a family, but nowadays you cant ride through Maywood without the thought of stray bullets hitting your ride. I think a few loose thugs in Maywood wants to make it a high crime City like Chi-town? But the small little West Suburb will always be viewed as a working class community with a few wannabe renegade thugs claiming gangs they've never been discharged to implement.

A couple years back police officers were being shot and or killed in Maywood, Illinois. Its still complicated figuring out why a 56 year old man (Luis Cordoba) working as a cab driver was murdered, shot in the left side of his dome. And on a separate occasion a 68 year old woman was shot in her back. I guess Maywood wants the title from Chicago's Englewood community of being a notorious neighborhood?

The sad part about it all is both individuals were not the intended target! Idiots blastin' with their eyes closed hoping to hit their targets, but instead their punk asses are missing and killing innocent people trying to make a living for their families.

I wonder whats being said among the pack of idiots who killed Luis Cordoba, and wounded a 68 year old woman? This is where I agree with State Representative La Shawn K. Ford relative to the National Guard occupying neighborhoods like Austin, Garfield Park, Lawndale, Englewood, Grand Crossing, Roseland, Humboldt Park, Pilsen, Little Village, and now Maywood!

I'm told more then half of Maywood's police force is gang affiliated, if thats the case then hard working residents of Maywood, Illinois should prepare to move to another City /or/ Township because you can't combat gang violence (with) gangsters' in badges!