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Tha Movement University supports CTU President Karen Lewis


What CTU President Lewis must realize is the fact her words were a bit offensive. In Chicago she's viewed as an esoteric and at times eccentric educator who has no problems taking on the big dogs, rather in politics or education. Judging the above YouTube footage it's clear her words not only offended educators, but also those born with speech impediments.

The President brags about "self medicating" i.e. smoking weed to get through college. So does that mean she supports weed smoking and or dealing on college campuses? I must admit her transparency was great; however, her jokes were a bit botched because they were dispensed in the wrong setting and among the wrong people.

"I tried marijuana once. I didn't inhale"
former United States President Bill Clinton 

It makes you wonder.... if she's this raw in public, what is she like in private? A couple of months ago she blamed Mayor Rahm Emanuel for using bad language thwarts her, but judging from the above footage its probable to believe she just might have lit the Mayor's flame.

As a Chicago Public School grad myself (Nathaniel Pope Elementary and George W. Collins High School) I must admit the educational curriculum wasn't all that great. I also attended John Spry Elementary and Bethune Elementary. By the time I entered college after graduating with honors and making a double out of High School, I was still behind relative to studying and research habits because the elementary nor high school levels didn't really push my brain to limits I needed to succeed as a prerequisite college prep foundation for higher learning. Bottom-line, the curriculum wasn't interesting and or exhaustive.

I sincerely sympathize with CTU President Karen Lewis. As President of an institution where 20 - 30 students are murdered on a yearly basis is depressing, and possibly would make any educator want to smoke weed. Hell, as a student at Lucy Flowers High School I sold weed to students and teachers. Teachers are under immense pressure, and especially those who teach in neighborhoods such as: Austin, Lawndale, Little Village, Pilsen, Garfield Park, Humboldt Park, Roseland, Englewood, Grand Crossing, Back of the Yards, Logan Square, etc

Teachers who teach in the above communities have to deal with not only educating students, but also youth/gang violence, teen pregnancy, they see the effects of poverty first hand relative to students not having proper tools and equipment such as book bags, folders, pens, pencils, paper, etc. The lack of not having Internet access at home also hurts students performance in regards to developing study and research habits.

But in the end who really cares? Who cares about racial violence at Farragut High School? Who cares about the facts 'some' students are crack babies and have short attention spans? Who cares about most students only have a real meal during lunch time? Who cares about school being a safe haven for children because the rest of their lives is a constant battle to join or avoid gangs, guns, and drugs?


After all a wise man once said "Poor people cling to their guns and religion!" Maybe that's why in the ghettos' of America and especially in Chicago we have open air drug markets and churches on every corner? So before you decide to throw Karen Lewis under the bus, take a look at what her eyes see on a daily basis. Understand being CTU President is no joke, advocating for children on a high stressful level such as the Chicago Teachers Union /or/ the Chicago Board of Education cost our dearly beloved President Michael Scott Sr his life!

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Jim Allen