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Updated: Dec 2, 12:25pm

LaTorya Street has beat the odds of most single mothers in urban communities. She was born and raised in North Lawndale's "K-Town" community. She's a graduate of Curie Metropolitan High School, Chicago State University, and American InterContinental University. LaTorya Street is also a member of New Life Covenant Church under the leadership of Pastor John F. Hannah.

She's taken her West & South Side suaveness and business ethic to the West Side of Chicago to provide JOBS and OPPORTUNITIES for those looking to break into a Fortune 500 Company (rather you live on the West Side, North Side, East Side, or South Side). 

LaTorya Street is an educated down to Earth superstar helping many make their financial dreams come true. Not only is she providing opportunities for jobs, but she's creating entrepreneurs. She's assisting people in becoming their own bosses by owning their own State Farm Insurance Agencies

The reality remains... in this life we're going to NEED Auto Insurance, Fire Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, and a Bank/Retirement Plan... LaTorya Street can show you how to not only have all of the above, but also how to provide all of the above to others while creating wealth for yourself and posterity. 

Is there a process? YES! But if one can sell drugs in the cold, get chased by cops, shot at by rivals, endure jail time then why can't that same person go through the SIMPLE process of becoming an Insurance Agent for a Fortune 500 Company that provides a base pay and other benefits? 

If one can hop on the bus, fill out and fax papers for Public Aid, wait a couple weeks... sometimes months for Public Assistance why cant that same person give their hand to LaTorya Street and allow her to take his/her life in a better direction financially? 

The awesome thing about LaTorya Street is she's a beautiful person inside and out. She's been where most wo/men have been financially and has the temperament and fortitude to assist you in assisting yourself create generational wealth. Become part of a Fortune 500 Company! Own your own State Farm Insurance Agency! Call LaTorya Street ASAP 773.417.3638  

"Tell her Jim Allen sent ya!"  

Tha Movement University fully SUPPORTS LaTorya Street! 
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