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Kahdmiel Malik Bradley (Go HAM Generation) Rocking The Vote 2012

I honor and respect my son Kahdmiel Malik Bradley who has become a responsible young Black adult by becoming a registered voter, now he is a power in the African American community and a man of influence in America.

March 20, 2012 is a very important election, my son is showing by example that 18 year olds' are coming hard to the polls... they must be registered, only then will their voices be heard and their concerns be considered. 

Murder to Excellence by Jay Z and Kanye West is the public theme song for the Go HAM Generation (H)aving (A) (M)oment in history is the focus. GOING HARD TO THE POLLS ON MARCH 20, 2012 ELECTIONS!

Please click below LINK:

(left to right) Kahdmiel Malik Bradley and Wallace "Gator" Bradley