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Murder to Excellence Campaign, Go HAM Generation, United In Peace, Tha Movement University (2012 ELECTION)

Tha Movement University, United In Peace, Murder to Excellence Campaign, Go HAM Generation has UNITED to serve as a conduit for "1st Time Voters" on the brink of turning 18 and those that have turned 18 but haven't voted yet. 

Its our mission and focus to empower you of your NEW FOUND POWER as an American citizen. That power is rooted in you and your peers REGISTERING TO VOTE and then VOTING FOR THE RIGHT POLITICIANS who have your interest at hand. 

In 2012 your VOTE will make history Locally and Nationally! If you are 17 going on 18 /or/ 18 and haven't voted please contact the below names. Tha Movement University and United In Peace fully supports you as a "1st Time Voter". Your issues are our issues! Your concerns are our concerns! We stand with you in the Schools, Streets and Suites! 

"Go HAM Generation" means Having A Moment in history! 

Wallace "Gator" Bradley 

Jim Allen 

(left to right) Judge Stanley L. Hill, Rep from the InterFaith Community, Jim Allen, Ms. Duncan, 
Wallace "Gator" Bradley

The above picture was taken inside the United Center November 29, 2011 in full support of Kanye West and Jay Z "Murder to Excellence" song that has become a movement in Chicago called the "Murder to Excellence Campaign" this movement is designed to prevent youth/young adult gang violence through Music, Panel Discussions, Press Conferences, Marches and Protests. One of our goals is to have Radio Stations locally and nationally play "Murder to Excellence". 

After our Press Conferences... Kayne West and Jay Z was seen on 79th walking up South Shore Drive in Chicago showing love to Chicago Public School children and at-risk youth hours before their Concert held at the 
United Center.