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Original Men In Black to tackle Chicago VIOLENCE

There's been a rash of shootings on Chicago's (West and South) sides. Recently several people were shot, two teens died in a shooting on Chicago's south side 66th and Halsted. The rash of shootings has prompted the renown Sax Preacher/Minister Rahim Aton into action. His group the ORIGINAL MEN IN BLACK has stepped up to police at-risk African American neighborhoods and communities.

The group is open to all religious persuasions. The Original Men In Black are a Black Conscious Movement looking to stop the violence, and save the children. Can the Original Men In Black save Gotham City? Will violent criminals heed their warnings of justice /or/ will residents and in particular fathers fail to rise to the occasion relative to aiding and assisting the Original Men In Black in their attempts of Peace and Justice?

If you're interested in joining the Original Men In Black /or/ interested in learning more about their Policing/Street Patrol agenda please contact by way of email.

Minister Rahim Aton

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2 dead, 4 injured in South Side shooting at a Church's Chicken at 66th and Halsted |