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Sam Hurd and the Chicago Bears (American Gangster)

Just another day in the HOOD where another multimillionaire gets popped attempting to move keys and weed through the hood. Who am I referring too? Is it not Chicago Bears player Sam Hurd? Doubt it not! This man is a multimillionaire NFL player (Chicago Bears) yet his ambition for generational wealth involved pumping the hood with more crack cocaine and marijuana.

Now I see why brothers such as Myself (Tha Movement University), Wallace "Gator" Bradley (United In Peace), Mark Allen (Black Wall Street), Pastor Corey Brooks (Project Hood) can't seem to receive any financial assistance from ANY of Chicago's professional athletes because they're to busy counteracting our attempts of PEACE by funding violent criminal enterprises!

"....Word to the motherfucking streets, I guess these cats love keeping the hood in poverty, drug infested, dope fiend out as they host their youth sports training camps in well off suburbs?" 

Sam Hurd proves that Black professional athletes really don't give a sh!t about the hoods they hail from! They ride through our communities (Austin, Garfield Park, Grand Crossing, Auburn Gresham, Lawndale, Roseland, Englewood, Pilsen, Back of the Yard, Little Village, Humboldt Park) showing off their latest SUV, Rolex Watch, and iPhone all while proverbially pissing on children in poverty of whom they used to be.

Its a form of deep self hate internalized by supporting the very ills they escaped in order to go to college and have a shot at the NBA, MLB, NFL - in Chicago those of us in the hood know of at least two professional athletes and/or rap artists involved in drug dealing. This phenomenon has been going on for decades, and best believe 'some' law enforcement are involved.

But just who in the hell was Sam Hurd attempting to sell drugs to? I'm pretty sure it wasn't street corner punks. He was dealing on a high level that when broken down reached street level punks "open air drug markets" in various communities that look to professional sports as a way OUT THE HOOD!

What Mr. Hurd fails to realize is drugs lead to violence - violence over drug territory and who gets to sell what and where! Sam Hurd has let down a lot of people! He's let down his family, his church, his team mates (if none were involved), the Bears organization, the NFL, and most of all the Black Community!

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