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Tha Movement University HONORS Jerome "Shorty" Freeman

After retiring as King of the Black Disciples Nation Jerome "Shorty" Freeman has now become a force of PEACE and GOODWILL in Chicago and around the Nation. He's sought after as a voice of peace among various Nations, he's also a sought after political strategist.

At it's height the Black Disciples Nation had over 24,000 members and Jerome "Shorty" Freeman WAS it's leader, if a man can lead over 24,000 people surly that man has something to say rather we agree or disagree.

These days Jerome "Shorty" Freeman is dedicated to peace. He's a grandfather, he's a man of his times born in an America that was segregated and racist. He's overcome extreme poverty. He's survived the plans and schemes of many attempting to take his life.

GOD has truly blessed Jerome "Shorty" Freeman with wisdom that shines in the streets and in the suites. Currently Jerome "Shorty" Freeman is working with Ceasefire, and various community groups focused on youth/gang violence prevention! He's a giant among us and we honor his service!

Jerome "Shorty" Freeman a true example of 
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