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Tha Movement University SUPPORTS Bishop Larry D. Trotter "Living Above See Level"

Tha Movement University is throwing our voice and support behind Bishop Larry D. Trotter's newest book "Living Above See Level" in this didactic work Bishop Trotter writes about his personal and ecclesiastical struggles as well as his successes.

The book is extremely transparent and real giving the reader an eagle's eye view into one of Chicago's greatest Pastors and Bishops this generation has ever witnessed!

Tha Movement University gives 
"Living Above See Level" 

Sunday School Teachers, Praise and Worship Leaders, Elders, Ministers, Evangelists, Prophets, Pastors, Bishops, Apostles.

I'm asking the over 70,000 viewers of Tha Movement University to purchase "Living Above See Level" as a  
Christmas gift! 

Please click the below LINK: Living Above SEE Level-The True Story of Struggle, Stress, & Success (9780615559629): Larry D. Trotter, Dr. Jamal H. Bryant: Books