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Wallace "Gator" Bradley (ADDRESSES) Fred Hampton Jr

A thousand pardons to Bro Fred Hampton Jr., but he was off base on this one; I still love him, but I have to call it as I see it, he is OUT (of his mind) at first base. First, I would like to aide and assist him by asking him to join us in our movement in supporting the H.A..M. (Having A Moment in history) generation, they are the 18 yrs old's who are registered or need to be registered to vote in the 2012 Election.

Secondly he needs to join Tha Movement University, with me, Jim Allen, Mark Allen, Rev. Gregory Livingston, Bishop Claude Porter Chairman of Interfaith Illinois, Cook County Judge Stanley L. Hill and Judge Jesse Reyes, Congressman Jesse L. Jackson Jr., Luther McKinstry and others United In Peace in our efforts asking that ALL Radio Stations play "Murder to Excellence!"

The Chairman's voice needs to be heard on this issue of ending SENSELESS SHOOTINGS AND KILLINGS in our communities! His father was against BLACK ON BLACK CRIME!