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Who MURDERED Chicago Police Officer Clifton Lewis?

Chicago Police Officer Clifton Lewis 

Who murdered off duty Chicago Police officer Clifton Lewis and why? After reading the details of what happened many are left w/ various questions. Questions such as why did the killers shot him multiple times and take his badge and gun?

Was gang bangers given the heads up concerning Clifton Lewis who also served on the 15th District Police "Tactical Team?" The Streets is asking was Clifton Lewis setup by his own comrades via a paid hit to thugs!?! This may sound far fetched, but seeing 2 Chicago Police officers were recently booked for assisting the Latin Kings who knows whats next? Click Below LINK:
Cops Gave Drugs, Guns to Gangs, Feds Say | NBC Chicago

The bottom line is Clifton Lewis was TARGETED! Please understand this was no random hit!
Tha Movement University is asking for a Federal Investigation! A member of our community was murdered and we're looking for answers!

Please Click Below LINK:
Off-duty police officer shot, killed in West Side convenience store -