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Why my Black Child ONLY play with White dolls?

Most commercials, cartoons and tv shows feature White people. Its been said the former hit sitcom FRIENDS could count on one hand the appearance of Black actors/actress on the show. When reading TIME magazine's 2011 year in review one can count on one hand how many Black faces are in the publication.

If America is post racial why aren't more White families buying Black dolls for their children to play with? Does corporate White America through its various vehicles of media outlets and manufacturing companies support the notion White is superior and Black is inferior?

Has America really moved past racism? Do Blacks suffer from internalized racism? Do White children play with Black dolls? Do White parents buy their children Black dolls? Do companies purposely make White dolls look human and Black dolls look freakish? Have we moved from physical Jim Crow to Mental Jim Crow? Do Black families perpetuate inferiority complex within their children by buying them White dolls over Black dolls, or are Black people more inclusive then Whites relative to exposing their children to all shades of the racial stratosphere?

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