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Will Pastor Corey Brooks RAISE 450K before time runs out....?

I've received many emails asking me who are you? Why are you supporting OUR Pastor Corey Brooks? Whats your motivation and intention?

To all that's concerned, the second 'YOUR' Pastor Corey Brooks stepped up to spear head Project Hood is the second is became 'OUR' Pastor Corey Brooks! I understand New Beginnings Church of Chicago has a possessive love for Pastor Corey Brooks, but he's no longer just a local Pastor in Woodlawn... he's become a Pastor to many not of your fold and a symbol of HOPE throughout the Nation.

Here's another tidbit you might not know... I've never physically meet Pastor Corey Brooks, but I feel its my duty as a Brother, Father, Minister and Man to lend my ideas, voice, and influence relative to shedding light on the positive things Pastor Corey Brooks is doing i.e. Project Hood.

I see Project Hood not only as belonging to Woodlawn but as a model to be used throughout America! I see Project Hood Houston! Project Hood New York! Project Hood California! Project Hood Washington! And so on, and so on! When we major in the minor we miss opportunities to have mega impact.

Are there Ministers in Chicago non-supportive of Project Hood? Of course! Are there drug dealers and pimps attempting to hex Project Hood in efforts to regain their voodoo economics? Sure! Which is why what Pastor Corey Brooks is doing is so powerful. He's taken the Gospel to another level. He's operating in the apostolic as it relates to direct confrontation thwarts the works of evil doers! The Super Motel has been a den of drugs, violence, and prostitution for over 20 years!

".....Pastor Corey Brooks has been blessed to shut down an institution of violence, drugs, and prostitution!"

After a 17 year old member of Pastor Corey Brooks Church was murdered he decided through the directives of a HIGHER POWER (GOD) to occupy the top of the Super Motel in hopes of raising 450K to buy the Super Motel and turn it into a Community Center. To the best of my knowledge Pastor Brooks has been on top of the Super Motel (6625 S. King Drive) in Chicago since November 22, 2011. He's vowed to stay on top of the Super Motel for 21 days hoping to raise 450K which means he has until December 11th or 12th to raise the funds needed. So far Project Hood has risen 50K

If all the Black Churches in Chicago donated portions of their Sunday offering to Project Hood 'we'd' have the money! If the Alderman, State Representatives, State Senators, Cook County Commissioner, and Congressmen of Woodlawn put Project Hood in their budgets 'we'd' have the money! If you and I continue to spread the word and give 'we'd' have the money!

But what happens if WE don't raise the money before 21 days? Will Pastor Corey Brooks be viewed as a failure? In my personal view Pastor Corey Brooks has already succeeded! He's raised funds and awareness to an empty building no one cared to invest in. He's proven to Woodlawn, Chicago and the Nation that Pastors in urban communities are passionate about their congregations and communities.

In my view 21 days of living on top of a vacated building in a tent in uncomfortable weather is the stuff of champions! If the 450K isn't raised by the allotted time I still think fundraising should continue! I'm humbly asking Lupe Fiasco, Common, Kanye West, Derrick Rose, Dwayne Wade to each give 50K or 100K which isn't a lot of money to these brothers, seeing the average NBA player makes $220,000 a month.

"The Work Goes On, The Cause Endures, The Hope Still Lives, And the Dream Shall Never Die!"
the late great Senator Ted Kennedy 

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