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Black GENOCIDE in Chicago (2010-2011)

What the HELL is going on in Chi-town!?! Blacks are dying due to HOMICIDE in record numbers! Talk about Hutu v/s Tutsi GENOCIDE! Its embarrassing and sickening! This is why organizations like United In Peace Inc., and Tha Movement University exist! We have solutions to the problems on the streets. We're skilled diplomats relative to gang/tribal violence which is philosophical and sectarian at best. 

We speak the lingo of the streets, we know the pulse of neighborhoods and communities such as Austin, Garfield Park, Lawndale, Little Village, Pilsen, Humboldt Park, Back of the Yards, Grand Crossing, Englewood, Roseland, Auburn Gresham, etc.

In 2011 333 Black people were MURDERED 

In 2010 347 Black people were MURDERED 


Will Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr., and Minister Louis Farrakhan band together to create a program for young, up and coming Black Leaders to aide and assist the Black masses? We currently need the wisdom of our Kings and Elders in these trying times! We currently have two Kings in Chicago i.e. Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr., and Minister Louis Farrakhan...we need to hear the voices and plan of action of our Kings relative to Black Genocide in Chicago. 

We have a Black President of the United States of America and all we seem to do in the Hood is kill each other! This is a National embarrassment to our got damn Race! Cant be serious!

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Jay-Z Kanye West - Murder To Excellence (Watch The Throne) - YouTube.flv - YouTube


We need more Mentors to step up! We need our Black Sororities and Fraternities to come out of their lodges, shrines, and frat houses and actually show why they deserve to be called the "talented tenth" besides looking down on poor Blacks in poverty! Our Parks and Boys Clubs must overflow with Children! Its time to strategize, create, develop, and implement a Blueprint to SAVE Black children from extinction! 

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Chicago homicides down 2 percent from 2011 to 2010 -

Goodnight and good luck!