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Chicago 2012 RACE WAR (BROWNS v/s BLACKS)

There's a WAR going on in Chicago that resembles the same RACIAL WAR in the state of California. Its NOT gang related but simply based on RACE! 

Just when you thought the KKK and its racist agenda was over America must now manage, deal, and cope with a hidden, secret, violent WAR between Blacks and Browns!

In Chicago this WAR is waged at Farragut High School (among many) and on the South Side of Chicago: 
79th and Exchange
112th and Cottage Grove 

Why wont the media cover the RACIAL WAR in Chi-town!?! I thought if a news story "bleeds it leads?" Well damn it there's a lot of freaking bleeding going on at Farragut High School, 
79th and Exchange, 112th and Cottage Grove! 

STOP THE VIOLENCE: Sexual Orientation Violence, Youth Violence, Gang Violence, Domestic Violence, Sectarian Violence, and RACIAL VIOLENCE!

Please click below LINK:
Black community leaders say Farragut violence is motivated by racial tensions, not gangs