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FREE Andre Curry!

Andre Curry made a silly, immature mistake! Law Enforcement has over exaggerated this botched joke by painting Andre Curry as a Child Abuser. Sure he shouldn't of did it; however, he's served his time of EMBARRASSMENT to society and the World at large! Andre Curry has and probably will serve a lifetime of regret for his actions, hopefully he's mentally strong enough to not inflict pain on himself due to this unfortunate event! 

Andre Curry will probably NEVER have a normal life after this ordeal. He'll probably have too move to another State and attempt to restart his life all over again. Tha Movement University is saying FREE Andre Curry! We're asking the Judge to lower his bond! We're asking the NAACP, the Rainbow Push Coalition and the National Action Network (Chicago Chapter) to intervene as well!

"Sometimes in life people do stupid things for publicity, such as the time Richard and Mayumi Heene FOOLED the Nation into thinking their 6 year old son was flying high in an uncontrolled hot air balloon... only for us to discover it was a HOAX!" 

If Law Enforcement wants to help Andre Curry's daughter then I say FREE her father from prison! 

Andre Curry

Andre Curry is represented by Attorney Zachery Hamilton. Please Click below Link:

To support Andre Curry by signing a PETITION please click below LINK: Contact Pastor Torrey Barrett
Pastor T.L. Barrett Jr.

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Andre Curry 'Devastated' By Charges: Dad Accused Of Posting Facebook Photo Of Duct Taped Baby (VIDEO)