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Terrell Mayes (3 Years Old) Shot Down in Minnesota! KG Wilson reacts!

(left to right) Minister KG Wilson, Wallace "Gator" Bradley,
Monty G Staff and Son

On December 26, 2011 Terrell Mayes (3 years old) was gunned down by stray bullets. His killers were shooting to kill rival gang bangers when they mistakenly hit Terrell Mayes. KG Wilson, a minister in Minnesota has been on the front lines combating gang violence in Minnesota. Gang violence and gang affiliation is a complex dynamic most law enforcement and government officials fail to understand. 

Many in poor neighborhoods and communities join gangs for financial purposes, some join for the camaraderie. Its important to note not all gang members are gang bangers even though there's a thin line between the two. 

KG Wilson has the knowledge and experience of dealing w/ those in street gang life because he was once part of a street gang. His experience of street gang life gives him a 'doctorate degree' in urban studies most couldn't achieve... they wouldn't understand because life in the hood must be experienced, so no matter how many books one reads and subject matters they study in the end it all comes back to ON THE JOB EXPERIENCE. 

Its my hope the Governor of Minnesota and State officials will allow Minister KG Wilson to aide and assit them in creating, developing, and implementing "Strategies of Peace" in Minnesota. The works of KG Wilson should be funded by the State of Minnesota to prevent youth/gang violence. 

Our hearts go out to the Mayes Family and friends, and all those who feel the burden of their child(ren) dying to gang violence. 

Please click below LINK to view 3 years old Terrell Mayes Jr FUNERAL:
Terrell's service filled with sadness, resolve |