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Wallace "Gator' Bradley (ADDRESSES) Wallace "Catfish" Davis

BILLY JEAN the kid is not my son!

Wallace Gator Bradley will be in court January 12, 2012 in room 606 before Judge Porter at 9:30 am at 2650 South California; asking the Judge to allow him to Intervene and to Disclose his Grand Jury Testimony in a CHILD SUPPORT case that Wallace Davis former Alderman and owner or former owner of Wallace's Catfish corner on the Westside ( Madison and California)

Gator was SUBPOENAED  by the Cook County States Attorney to appear at a Grand Jury along with other witnesses, that was convened because Wallace Davis was behind in his child support payments, Bradley don't know what lie was told to the woman or anyone else, that would make anyone think that Gator know anything about why Wallace Davis was behind in his payments,  Gator had no knowledge about Wallace Davis's baby mama drama.

But to hear that Wallace Catfish Davis was telling people that I went to the Grand Jury and that I was responsible for him getting indicted., the fact of the matter is this he is telling a MALICIOUS LIE, the Question is this what lie did he tell his baby's Mama, for the Cook County States' Attorney' Divison of Child Support Enforcement.

As a matter of fact Wallace Catfish Davis's DNA proved that he is the father., and what do Gator have to do with him not being able to pay his child support. As Gator would say Billy Jean is not his Lover, and Maury  would say Wallace Catfish Davis you are the father of the child.

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Wallace "Gator" Bradley