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Where is Mark Carter and Queen Sister?

(left to right) Mark Carter and Queen Sister 
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Many have asked me what rock is Mark Carter and Queen Sister hiding under? I've responded... I don't know! At their height they would bust in on senior politicians, threaten old people, drive around and beat up construction workers forcing them to hire them and their goons i.e. Mark Carter and company. View the below LINKS:
Anti-Rahm Text Blitz: "He Must B Stopped" | NBC Chicago

Danny Davis Threat: Mark Carter, 24th Ward Alderman Candidate, Questioned By FBI

Selling out the community Danny Davis, Ricky Hendon, Michael Scott and Arne Duncan Part 1of3 - YouTube

From what I'm told Mark Carter has tucked his tail between his legs begging for Congressman Danny Davis to forgive him of his idiotic sins. I wonder has Mark Carter asked Todd Stroger to forgive him for SINKING his campaign? View the below LINKS:
Flier Causing a Stir in Cook Co. President Race - Chicago Breaking News

More Questionable '24-9' Contracts Linked to Stroger Aide - Chicago News

In a desperate attempt to stay alive to deceive more people into following his madness Mark Carter was featured in Salim Muwakkil's article of which was laughed at by those of us who know Mark Carter for the racist, lonely poodle is really is. Click below LINK:
Black Chicago Divided -- In These Times

And then there's Queen "Pissy Saucer Hat" Sister. This freak of nature is obsessed with destroying the image and character of Alderman Carrie Austin! The dumb alien even stood outside Alderman Austin's house swearing at her and verbally assaulting her. Click below LINK:
Verbal fight..Queen Sister get into a verbal confutation a Chicago elected official..Part 1 - YouTube

I have no clue on Queen DIRT BAG Sister where abouts? Maybe she's somewhere verbally abusing senior citizens? Or maybe she's somewhere planning to harm Alderman Carrie Austin as Mark "The Poodle" Carter planned on harming Congressman Danny Davis!?! 

Be sure to watch what you say around Mark Carter, he's under heavy surveillance for his involvement in several Cook County scams, beatings, and threats to public officials... in fact discard his number and contact info pronto! 

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Well... I wish them all the best in 2012, hopefully they'll get REAL JOBS and leave real working people the hell alone! 

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Tha Movement University: FAKE members of Tha Movement

Marlon Stokes 
Head Flunky and Underling